Best Picture Dinners: The Tree of Life

I'm going to admit it right up front: Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life is not my favorite, by far, of the nine Oscar Best Picture nominees. It's a complicated, often allegorical film, at times beautiful and poetic, at times, to my eyes, utterly weird. The movie examines the inner life of a family in Waco, Texas, and the bonds between them, whether those bonds are spiritual, tenuous, tender, or all three at the same time....more

Would You Eat at a Restaurant Named Fat Ho Burgers?

I know we should do our part to support female entrepreneurs, but what Waco businesswoman Lakita Evans considers a gimmick to get people into the doors of her new restaurant, Fat Ho Burgers, just doesn’t sit well with me. ...more

You can't compare this to Hooters or Twin Peaks. When you walk in the door to this community ...more