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Work from Home Moms Tell the Truth About Working from Home

Do you ever dream of leaving the dreaded commute behind you?  Want to be your own boss?  Stay home with your children while still earning a living?  Or just want to be able to work anywhere or anytime?This is the life of a Work at Home Mom....more

At War (With Myself!) About Work

I chose to put my career on hold when my first baby was born.  Financially, we were able to make this choice and it was an important one to me.  I was raised with a mother who was home and I think it worked out pretty well for me so wanted to do the same for my kids....more
Being a working mom is hard!  I went back to work six weeks postpartum and jumped right back ...more

"Summer Camp" at Home

As you probably know, I'm a work-at/from-home mom (WAHM). This means my days are filled with a combination of childcare, school and activity schedules, and my own paid work (and my blogging and videos, of course!). With school out, I was worried that the kids would end up spending eight hours a day watching TV and playing with their tablets - neither healthy nor desirable....more

All Organized Ebook Bundle

Here's is the official launch of the ALL ORGANIZED Ebook Bundle! This is what I teased you with on Thursday! I am so excited to be able to offer this huge collection of books to my readers. I have been diligently going through them to share reviews and quotes throughout the sale period. ...more

What I Love and Hate about being a WAHM

So many women today are debating about the working mother versus the stay-at-home mom. Yet, with the growth of the online industry, there must be thousands of us mothers who are working at home. It's like being torn between two loves -- you're at home, but you have a full-time job....more

Confession: I Don't Like Snow Days

I love watching my kids play in the snow.  I am humbled by kids and their sheer enjoyment of frozen ice crystals on the ground. They mold it into snowballs, they run through it, they eat it, they kick it, they dive head first into it, they sled in it, THEY LOVE IT!   It is the simplest, purest form of enjoyment I can think of for kids, especially for those that don't have it often. That is where my family comes into the picture.  We live in a suburban town of Portland, Oregon....more

SEO Tips For The Work At Home Mom

I have to be honest with you all, I just found out what SEO stood for earlier this year! It stands for Search Enging Optimization (SEO).  I never understood the importance of a few key things to put into place every time I publish a blog post. The internet is an ever changing space and a few things have changed when it comes to getting found online. Now that you work at home and have a website/blog, how do you drive traffic to your site? Here are a few SEO Tips To Follow1. Write intriguing content....more

Sometimes I Feel Like Being a Work-at-Home Mom Is the Hardest Thing in the World

Sometimes I feel like working from home is the hardest thing in the world. I'll pause here, so all the working moms can angrily exit my blog and remove me from their Google Reader. Oh good, you're still here? Let me explain. When my husband gets home, and I'm still wearing yoga pants and have not yet gotten into the shower, I feel so lazy. Granted, he never makes me feel this way, and it's absolutely something I put upon myself... but still. If I feel it about myself, it must be accurate, right? ...more
@elleinthecity LOL dang it... they may be! I feel you, haha.more