Don't Be a Desperate WAHM

Working from home can be a lucritive business.  Whether you are selling make-up or jewelry or blogging online.  With a lot of time and knowledge any mom can be successful from home.Many moms find that having another mouth to feed can be very hard on their pocketbook.  This is when the desperation can set in.  They look for work off and online....more

WAHM Guide: How to start a blog

Whether you’re looking to get into the business of blogging, want a place to express yourself or want a great way to supplement your traditional website, you have to start somewhere. And I’ll tell you one thing: starting a blog is relatively easy. Keeping it going and building an audience is the hard part. So let’s start with the basics of how to start a blog.1. Choose a niche...more

How to Be a Work-from-Home Mom

For the past five and a half years, I have been a "WAHM," a work-at-home mom. Working from home presents unique challenges as well as some great benefits....more

I think it's working... from home

It's been about 6 months since I started this little adventure of working from home, and lately I've been thinking a lot about how much has changed. And... being so incredibly thankful that this has happened and gone well. Some people thought I was a little crazy and that's probably true, but it was what I needed to do for me and for my kids. And I'm pretty sure that's not crazy at all, but I get that this arrangement is not for everybody. ...more

Working at Home with Toddler & Baby

If you’re wondering how I find time to blog every day… I don’t.Typically if I can find chunks of time to write, I will put together a few blog posts that aren’t too time-sensitive and schedule them for the coming week. I always have half-written drafts going, though most of them don’t make it to publishing for one reason or another. This has been my system for blogging for some time – since well before I had Julius. I hate letting my blog sit fallow for even one day during the week, though I do take weekends off....more

Putting the WAH! in WAHM

So I just got this fantastic new full-time job. It's my dream come true: I spend the day in great company, with smart, funny women who are creative, talented and bracingly honest. I get to use both sides of my brain: strategy and business brain and well as emo/writing/community/build-a-better-world brain. (Woot!) And I get a paycheck every two weeks. (I know, I'm pinching myself.)The other amazing benefit? I get to work from home. Let me tell you how totally amazing this is! ::insert crickets chirping:: ...more
Perfect and eloquent, Stacy, just as one would expect.  I only HOPE one day I can experience all ...more

Your Blog On WordPress, Working It Like A Pro

I've seen this Q a lot lately, so I'm here to share why I feel a blogger interested in generating money from their blog should make that move....more

The Question Every Working Mother Hates To Hear

I work outside the home. I also have 2 daughters -- 7 and 6 years old. The other day as I was dropping my girls off at school, one of the moms said something to me, to the effect of how she could never leave her kids in order to work. I've been dealing with these types of comments for years, and it never gets any less annoying. Why do stay-at-home moms feel like they have the right to say these ridiculous things?And what's an appropriate response?...more
Wow Im sorry I thought feminism was about choice.more

Working at Home with Kids: Is It Worth the Struggle?

The same thing keeps happening when I try to work on my novel.  I have to get geared up, as there is a lot of guilt involved in leaving it alone for so long.  Then I have to remember where the thing is about and figure out if I start in the beginning of the 300 pages, or wherever I last left off (if I remember) or just burn it and start anew.  When I get started, there is the up-and-down of hating it, then loving it, then hating it, then remembering why I want to write it and getting excited about where it's going next.   And then:  interruptions....more
That sounds like a good plan. Sometimes I feel like if I can't get a giant chunk, it won't ...more