Your Blog On WordPress, Working It Like A Pro

I've seen this Q a lot lately, so I'm here to share why I feel a blogger interested in generating money from their blog should make that move....more

The Question Every Working Mother Hates To Hear

I work outside the home. I also have 2 daughters -- 7 and 6 years old. The other day as I was dropping my girls off at school, one of the moms said something to me, to the effect of how she could never leave her kids in order to work. I've been dealing with these types of comments for years, and it never gets any less annoying. Why do stay-at-home moms feel like they have the right to say these ridiculous things?And what's an appropriate response?...more
Wow Im sorry I thought feminism was about choice.more

Working at Home with Kids: Is It Worth the Struggle?

The same thing keeps happening when I try to work on my novel.  I have to get geared up, as there is a lot of guilt involved in leaving it alone for so long.  Then I have to remember where the thing is about and figure out if I start in the beginning of the 300 pages, or wherever I last left off (if I remember) or just burn it and start anew.  When I get started, there is the up-and-down of hating it, then loving it, then hating it, then remembering why I want to write it and getting excited about where it's going next.   And then:  interruptions....more
That sounds like a good plan. Sometimes I feel like if I can't get a giant chunk, it won't ...more

Working Mom Syndrome

I'm a stay-at-home-mom in the sense that I don't leave to go to an office. I don't drop K off at daycare (though I did for a while when we had easy access to an absurdly affordable caregiver and only one mortgage to pay).  I don't have to call my boss and explain why I won't be there when K is sick, or spend money on a work wardrobe, or deal with a commute in crappy weather. I do, in fact, stay at home. ...more

Post Mother's Day. I Have Something to Admit

As a follow-up to last week’s Weekly Wings, where I came clean about wanting the gift of “time” for Mother’s Day, I have something further to admit. The gift of time, I realize, is a gift that we must give to ourselves… when the time is right....more

Spring Break + Keep Staycationers Busy = Kids Off The Couch

...And Movie Ticket Offer from Family Finds!...more