Spring Break + Keep Staycationers Busy = Kids Off The Couch

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The Nanny Files: Finding the “Right Fit” for Your Family

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Hard-Working Mom... or Hardly Working?

Last night, I was reading a blog post by a friend from college who is a mom to three small children. She also has a full-time career outside the home. She mentioned in her post about the struggle to give 100% to her children, 100% to her husband and 100% to her career and it got me thinking......more

Exactly. We all ARE doing the best we can, whatever our circumstances. I know there is some ...more

5 Easy Steps to a Great Housewarming Party: Property Sluts Episode 8

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Fair Pay Act. Senators say, "no thanks" this Thanksgiving

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Flex Friendly Job and Great Mom Blogger Reads!

Let’s get Butterfly moms to work and get right into it this week. SO many of you responded to the amazing offering of immediate employment from Maidenform at Home. You told us that you sent emails inquiring to learn more about the openings and shared your feelings about “wanting” to learn more and even went as far as to say, I “should” call or email them. Here is the deal- you have nothing to lose! Maidenform is a company rich in history....more