Small Town Heroes

I’ve lived in a small town since the age of three.  As a teen, I couldn’t wait to move from my parents’ home and live the big city life.  Now, at thirty-three, my heart desires nothing more than to raise my children with small town roots.  One of the many things I love is the donut shop on Friday mornings in the fall....more

War! What Is It Good For?

A brief post today, following on from yesterday's piece on Remembrance Sunday. Allowing for the academics who debate the veracity and timing of statements attributed to him, Sun Tzu is nevertheless acknowledged as a great military strategist....more

Teaching What We Never Learned in School: An Excellent Documentary on World War One

Last year marked the centennial of the beginning of World War 1. To celebrate, and educate about, WWI, a international consortium of filmmakers from Canada, Britain, France, Holland, Germany, Russia and Austria put together an amazing documentary which is called "14 -- Diaries of the Great War" for its American release.When it aired on the BBC, it was called "Great War Diaries."...more


May we remember that peace begets peace and war begets war.  so as the song says let their be peace on earth and let it begin with each of us.Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

Just A Boy

Just a boy of eleven or maybe twelveliving in a world gone madcozy evenings spent in a happy homereplaced with cold nights shivering in a damp cavehis nervous mother said it would keep them safefrom the bombs that fell from the skies ...more
patriciaappelquist Thank you!more

"The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All" War Told By A Woman

   The title says it all. This 1984 classic's told by a white Civil War survivor, 99-year-old Lucy Marsden, now living in a nursing home. Why should we care? Why should we reread it? Because Lucy haunts our modern life with every page.   Virtually every post on BOGHER describes the struggle of contemporary women facing current issues in their lives. William Faulker describes it as history:...more

Peace begins in my heart

These days there's a war being played out on my Facebook newsfeed in a polarized chaos of opinion and fact, fury and compassion, bigotry and heartbreak. In the midst of my own sense of powerlessness and disillusionment over happenings and viewpoints beyond my control, I felt as though I needed a reminder that peace, love, and light begins in my heart. Perhaps this will speak to you as well. Prayer of Saint Francis Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love. Where there is injury, pardon. Where there is doubt, faith. ...more

Antiques and Aggression

Sometimes the strangest stories get stuck in my head, back somewhere half-buried in the sand with just a glint of shimmer peeking out to catch my eye (thoughts) a few times a day. Sometimes when I am listening to a friend talk, I feel a deeper sense of knowing, or at least the potential to find a deeper understanding, and that feeling echoes throughout my days and nights until I'm ready to haul it out from the sand and give it a once-over. ...more

Lice: Letters from the war

My dearest Agatha,I miss you terribly, but I assure you that all continues to be well here on the battlefront. Thus far, skirmishes have been limited to soldiers in camp whom I am not familiar with, having never once had them to my side of the camp for a pre-arranged hour of rambunctiousness (with snacks). Almost weekly I receive anonymous notes that someone, somewhere in our camp, has been afflicted, and I am warned that I must remain vigilant. Happily, I continue to be pest-free....more

I Struggle With Memorial Day

I give thanks for the men and women who fought for my freedom and who continue to fight and protect this country. I'm a woman. I'm a Christian. I'm a writer who frequently publishes her thoughts on all sorts of topics and, generally speaking, I live free from the fear that I will face terrible trials, jail time, persecution or death for any of those reasons....more