Google Penalties for Big Cheaters

Two major newspapers in the US have revealed search engine optimisation’s “dirty little secrets” and Google has dropped the offending companies in the search results....more

Captcha, Discrimination, Not Security

Captchas, Discrimination, Not Security Captchas, those visual image verification codes on web sites that tell you to enter the letters or numbers you see. Site administrators may or may not be aware of the pitfalls of using these captchas on their sites. Captchas can be hard to read, even if you can read print. The coding may be buggy. But when it works, it's said to increase security and block out the spammers and hackers.Unfortunately, that is not always the case....more

I agree visual (and audio) CAPTCHAs are discrimination. I can work audio CAPTCHAs most of the ...more

Introducing Public School to Social Media

I'm on my way to a PTSA meeting to passionately discuss my obsession with bringing PTSA Parent Teacher Collaboration online:I’m working on an ebook at: “” to describe how to create a site like this for your school covering the following: 1.) Why would we want a website? -Increase overall parent involvement (especially parents that aren’t able attend meetings) -Increase fundraising opportunities across the school...more

James Caan is Stalking Me

James Caan is stalking me.  The former Dragon’s Den millionnaire entrepreneur is following me around on the Internet.  Clearly he doesn’t have time to be on Dragon’s Den anymore because he’s too busy following me around, popping up on the web pages I visit....more

How to Prevent Scope Creep from Ruining Your Projects

There is the old adage that two things are certain in life, “Death and Taxes.” With business you can also add Scope Creep. Every business has experienced it, some more dramatically than others. It is one of those gremlins that attaches to projects and wreaks havoc with proposals and client relationships.Read more here:

Slut-Shaming and Prude-Shaming: Why Can't Women Talk About Their Choices Without Fear?

I started sex blogging before there were blogs. It was the early days of the Web, and I was posting about my encounters on bulletin boards and static sites. As a result of starting on platforms that either came with a like-minded audience or were islands in a vast darkness, I enjoyed a great freedom of expression. There was no battle, just story. ...more
Bill Cammack  I hadn't heard of the term "prude-shaming" either.  But consequently, it is what I ...more

10 Guidelines to Redesigning Your Website

One of my favorite movies is Marathon Man, starring Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman. In a classic scene, protagonist Olivier asks Hoffman, “Is it safe?” while holding a dental drill to his front tooth. This gruesome scene reminded me of another equally painful question, “Is it time?” — time to redesign and rebrand your website. ...more

New Facebook Feature Increases Interactivity Between Friends

Facebook is constantly adding new features and applications to allow people to be more interactive on the web....more

Would There Be a President Obama or a Tea Party or a MoveOn without Network Neutrality?

What do you want most for our future?  More childcare, cleaner water, climate change, an MLK Memorial or a community playground?  Do you hate the war in Afghanistan or Sarah Palin or the health care bill? How much would we all know about any of these things -- or, thanks to BlogHer, about each other -- without the web?  It's become our home, our quilting bee, our political club, comedy club, garden club, women's club, access to activism and knowledge and, well, life. ...more

Network Neutrality is a myth. I have years of telecommunications and internet experience. ...more