Could your weight be affecting your memory?

I know a lot of things that affect my memory: My ability to concentrate on one thing at a time, the way I initially experience the memory, the amount of sleep I've had, and whether or not I've just entered a room. But I had no idea that my weight could affect it....more

I Chose Fat Over Misery

I was a skinny kid who grew a lot less skinny.Do my bipolar meds have something to do with that?Probably.Do I care?No.I've noticed a lot of people with bipolar disorder panicking over the topic of weight gain. "I know I need meds, but I'm afraid of weight gain." "What meds can I take that don't cause weight gain?" "I tried X med but I quit because of the weight gain."...more

SURVEY: Illness, Weight Loss or Gain, and Body Image Issues in Women

 Sick and Skinny:Body Image Issues in Women Undergoing Medical Treatment and Illness...more

Tips For Approaching The Loaded Holiday Table

There is one essential factor that I want to establish at the very is a great thing! We love food because it is a sensory experience that puts us in touch with our culture and our past. Food is a vital part of the human experience....more

One Year Of Freedom From Weight

One year has passed and I can honestly say I have freedom from weight worry, consideration, contemplation, chastisement or concern. It just doesn’t seem to worry me anymore, which is saying a lot because there have been many points in my life when my weight constantly weighed on my mind....more

You Weight Does Not Define Your Self Worth

A few weeks ago, something happened to me. Something unexpected. Not something goofy or crazy but for once, something good. Something really good. I realized my weight does not define my self worth....more

Lose the "Weight"

Lose the “Weight”  Are you as sick of talking, thinking and worrying about weight and everything connected with it as I am? I’ve been a Registered Dietitian for 22 years....more
Here's a great little program to lose weight and be in the greatest state of health. ...more

When your baby fat grows up

All mothers know there are two definitions of the phrase "baby fat." The first definition describes the extra roll of fat that clings to babies and is absolutely adorable. The second definition refers to those extra pounds that cling to a woman's body after she has the baby (and is considered much less adorable). Mothers usually blame their baby for their weight gain, and then try their luck at getting rid of it....more

I'm overweight. I'm not stupid.

I have been overweight for quite a while, since after the birth of our first child. You know those baby weight pounds you swear you will lose. Well, I never quite lost them and then add on some stress, life and eating my feelings--voila, my weight was here to stay. There have been times where I get frustrated and hop on the weight loss wagon, lose 20+ pounds and then tumble off....more
Exactly! I firmly believe when the time is right and you want it badly enough it happens. Thanks ...more