The Idea of Beautiful: A Brown Girl's Struggle with Beauty and Health

My favorite emcee, Rapsody, stated the perfect quote on her idea of beauty and struggle with her self-image due to being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease....more

Winter Weight Gain, Summer Struggles

image via ...more

My Love/Hate Weight Story

So this post is a long time coming. For years, I have been meaning to do a post and/or video about how I got to where I am and why....more

Crazy Thyroid Issues on the Rise

Thyroid related diseases have so many symptoms that seem like something else, it’s easy to begin to wonder if that’s your issue. When someone thinks they may be dealing with a thyroid issue they make the mistake of googling the symptoms.  The list is endless and just about everyone that is breathing could check off a good number on the list. Here’s just a few of the more prominent ones according to

Bye bye organ they tell me I don't need...

Here I sit, all broken-hearted, they took my gallbladder and since then I haven't farted.   Okay, yes, I could have been less crass with that opener. Nay, should have been less crass with that opener especially since I know I've opened my blog up to possible view by future advertisers, but, well.... It's where I'm at today.  ...more

Dear Holiday Weight Gain

After a holiday hiatus, this week I am back to healthy eating and exercise. ...more

I've gained weight.

I’ve gained weight. I haven’t gained a lot of weight and, in fact, it’s hard to say exactly how much. But I have gained some.I’ve gained weight because marathon weight gain is a real thing. And because chocolate. And because bacon....more

Self Image and an Ever Expanding Waistline...

Self imagine is a bitch. It's especially a bitch if you are a woman. Now, I can't speak for men in these struggles and I know that they have their own batches of them, but as an American woman we are scrutinized every day for how we look. The idea of what beauty is changes with the decades, the generations, and the fads. We are held to a standard of what is beautiful by the media and our peers. Unfortunately much of that standard is based on our body shape....more

Personal Growth For 400 Miles

Last night, I surpassed 400 miles with my Nike+ Running App....more