Train your brain to keep your resolutions!

If you've struggled to keep your New Year's resolutions in the past, perhaps it's time to try a new approach. I ran across this article about making your resolutions stick in 2015 and it had some good tips. ...more

Turtle To Hare


This year I will lose weight

Today's resolution is one I'm sure everyone can relate to. I've struggled with my weight for the past few years. I gained a significant amount while unhappy in a relationship in college, lost almost 30 pounds working at Walt Disney World, and then gained back that weight and then some since having Maisy....more

#MicroblogMonday #3 – Regaining My Health

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too.Here we are. The first week of January, 2015. Which marks the busiest month of the entire year at the gym. Most of those new faces are ones of those who have made resolutions to finally get healthy. Many will start to watch their resolutions go by the wayside by February....more

Day 1. DIET.

First blog. First day. 60 pounds to lose. I just turned 41 and I am single. It's time for a change. Also, I am going to go back to school while working full time as a flight attendant. Things should get interesting....more

'Slimology: The Relatively Simple Science Of Slimming' Review

Seeking a low-carb diet book? I recommend a new guide to weight loss: "Slimology: The Relatively Simple Science Of Slimming" (click for info on how to order)....more
trendclues Thank you so much Joanne! Means a lot :)more

My name is MK and I am a Fat Mom

I had a “fat day” yesterday. I mean, my weight didn’t change all that much. It was probably more of a confidence thing. But as I stepped outside and the beautiful weather touched my skin, the poisonous thoughts were already starting.Great, it’s blue jean weather. Blue jeans cut my body in half and make me look like a busted can of biscuits.I sighed and drudged back inside, the sunshine and breeze completely soured by low self-esteem....more
Maybe you are doing this publicly as a way to help yourself stick to it. Best of luck to you, ...more

Atkins diet overview: From books to foods

One of the most popular variations on low carb diets is also one of the oldest: Atkins. Created by Dr. Robert Atkins, it’s proliferated a wide range of products and books. It is a high fat low carb ketogenic diet plan. You go through four phases, with each allowing an increasing number of net carbs per day. It’s designed to burn fat faster while minimizing hunger pangs and carb cravings. Recommended reading:...more

6 Reasons to Ditch Your Lying Scale

For a household appliance that lives in the bathroom and earns a living by getting stepped on, the scale is kind of a cocky bastard. It sees us at our most vulnerable and coldly spits out judgment. Did we meet our goals? Did we fall short? We put so much faith in that number that looking at it can sometimes make or break our entire day. Some of us even use the scale to punish ourselves after we indulge in a decadent meal. We shouldn't give it that power. ...more

Bulletproof Diet: Lose up to a Pound a Day With Paleo-Style Low-Carb Plan

What's the hottest new diet?...more