Jorge Cruise Explains How To Stay Full While Getting Slim

When it comes to weight loss, you can count each January on a new influx of diets promising the latest and greatest plans to take off the pounds....more

(Almost) 9 months Postpartum

Here I am. Almost nine months postpartum after delivering a healthy, happy(or not...) and beautiful baby girl. I ended my pregnancy at a staggering 247 pounds. It makes me cringe as I sit here and think about it. Through these last nine months I have learned many things about myself: 1. I can actually still survive on minimal amounts of sleep 2. It's okay to mess up every once in a while 3. Even if she's screaming her little baby head off, she still loves and needs me 4. Time really does fly 5. I cannot go back to the 'old me'   ...more

I Lost 100 Pounds By Changing My Life

Today I was at the post office. Handing my I.D. to the clerk, she examined it, looked at me, and looked at the photo again. "Wow, you look really different!" I get that response often so wasn't too surprised. I've considered ordering a new driver's license since I'm slightly worried I'll get stopped at the airport for not being the actual Sara M. Borgstede. (I'm really me, I promise.) "Thanks! I've lost a lot of weight," was my response. The next question I hear is usually, "How did you do it?!" ...more
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.  Congratulations!!!more

How My Bum Eye Helped Me Look in the Mirror Again

"What do you hate about your body?" My Weight Watchers leader posed this question to our group at the opening of a recent meeting. A supportive group of survivors, we were understandably confused. This meeting was our sanctuary. To encourage us to be openly critical of parts of our bodies was incredibly uncomfortable, like ripping a loose fart during a quiet moment in a Sunday church service. ...more
tyeryann Thank you so much! Why do kids have to be so good at picking up those under-the-surface ...more

Why I Will Never Do Another Juice Cleanse Again

Despite the fact that I'm an absolute ogre when I'm hungry, last month I decided to try a juice cleanse. I thought it would purify me and rid me of all those nasty toxins that my "dirty" living has deposited inside me. To ensure maximum health benefits, I upgraded to the juice cleanse package that includes wafer vitamins and vegetable pills. What could possibly go wrong? ...more
Please--I'm glad you laughed at my stupid juicing ass! I will never juice again...more

Walking Off the Weight with Leslie Sansone Plus New Diet Books

When the weather outside is frightful, walking for fitness can be a delightful option inside with the help of some clever DVDs. Somehow Leslie Sansone manages to create walking DVDs that give you a great workout without boredom, all easy to follow with awesome results. ...more

Carbs Happen

Nobody likes listening to a broken record, so excuse me when I say that I planned to lose weight this month, I really did (I swear!). Unfortunately, life decided it had other plans. My first instinct was to jot down all the reasons why I gained weight the same month I decided to start a weight loss blog, but honestly, I don’t feel like it. Let’s just say, carbs happen....more

What if Exercise was FUN?

Why Women Can't Lose Weight

Preschool, soccer practice, the library, work; it seems like no matter where I am, the discussion of weight loss comes up and it usually goes like this: A bunch of moms standing around taking turns saying something along the lines of, “I just cannot seem to lose weight.  I walk and run and eat pretty well, but I still seem to have this…”  This is the point in the conversation where the person generally grabs some part of their body that they struggle with, usually the lower belly, upper thigh, or butt, and looks at me quizzically....more