Yin and Yang of Healthy Living, Part 1

You will never get in shape through diet, and you will never control your weight through exercise. A little explanation here. My office is beginning a "Biggest Loser" style challenge this week, and this post is in support. Yes, I know everybody sensible did their posts on this topic at the beginning of the year. Perhaps this will help those at risk of falling off the New Years Resolution bandwagon. It's never too late to start new, good habits. Those of you who have sworn off diets permanently should feel free to scroll down to the closing bits. ...more

Oh Cookie

Oh, Cookie. I really want to eat you. Thankfully my family has eaten all the others, but you, lying there so alone, look so delicious. I could pretend you are only 100 calories, but I think I might be lying. I could eat half of you, but I fear the gates of desire would open. I could eat half of you mindfully and recognize when I am full of you. Ha. I could give the other half of you to the dog. The dog would like that.Oh, cookie.  I will drink my coffee and then decide....more
I shared it with the kids when they woke up and gave myself the smallest portion. I tried to ...more

One Step Back. One Step Forward.

Last night we had friends over to dinner.  We were celebrating Chinese New Year and so we cooked up some tasty as all get out Sesame Chicken.  It was really good.  And we also had some curried shrimp rice dish that was also really good.  And some green tea ice cream.  And beer.None of which would have been so bad if I'd exhibited a little bit of portion control or if I had staved off the extra snack in the afternoon, but I didn't....more

Cottage Cheese - The food and the body

Cottage cheese is something I've always loved (the food version) and I particularly like it with chives.  This has proven to be a good thing now that I'm watching the calories-in because it's high in protein and tasty and simple and I've got quite a bit in the fridge.Cottage cheese on the legs, butt, and elsewhere is not such my favorite thing.  I've got plenty of that as well.  Hee - all sorts of puns could be made...more
Glad for you that you are exercising. You said something that I can so identify with and that ...more

Which Diet Are You Trying Now?

  Many women tell me they have tried everything to lose weight.  Pills, powders, high protein diets, low protein diets; cabbage soup, tomato juice, pre-packaged foods, eat half your plate, no carbohydrates, fermented drinks and the list goes on. ...more
i once tried several diet plans with no effects on me, but what really helped me to loose weight ...more

Looking Good At Work: The Motherhood Penalty

It has been often acknowledged that working women pay a tremendous price for motherhood. Lost wages due to maternity leaves or missed promotions. But a recent conversation with a working mom colleague triggered a question about another penalty on working moms, a loss of beauty, and the financial impact of attractiveness in the workplace?The conversation was simple and familiar. My colleague was frustrated by feeling that she had lost her physical attractiveness since having kids. She had gained weight and people regularly noted that she looked exhausted....more

What Is a Raw Food Diet?

   Part 1. What is a Raw Food Diet? Raw food diets are becoming more popular and have been known to help improve over health tremendously. Having an all natural diet that consists of raw foods such as: fruit, nuts, raw fish, seeds, grains, vegetables and non-pasteurized dairy products are extremely healthy for you and as an added benefit can contribute to weight loss in a healthy way.  ...more

What's Your Weight Watching Style?


"Oh Jillian, I'm not sure how I feel about you"

I assume that everybody forms a special relationship with the person on the workout DVD that they do at home.  I imagine it's a bit of a love/hate relationship with some snide comments thrown their way here and there.  Certainly mine is with Jillian.Before I go any further on Jillian, I'd like to say that I really have a special fondness for the 8 Minute Abs dude with his, "Hey Gang - These exercises are fun!".  I think it might be the background music too.  It's so dang hoaky AND I can do all the 8 minute abs so I now see him as a true friend....more
Hey there, FatCat! What a neat spirit you have. Moving forward on the exercise thing and at ...more

Appreciative for Supportive Partners

I accused my partner of sabotaging my efforts when he threw bacon into the pot of rice and when he threw italian sausage into some other meal.  Acusations are not a good foundation for marriage and luckily he took my attacks in stride because today I got to see what it was like when my partner really supported my efforts.I did not want to exercise and I certainly did not want to do my elephantine-thudding and grunting around my partner, but ultimately I was pretty happy just hanging out on the sofa playing with the kids....more