Living out of a suitcase...sort of ....

Our home of twelve years was sold last June.I’m not due to retire until this coming January, God willing.I’m living at my late parent’s house. it is truly transitional housing.What does this spell?My handbag is my life....more

Pizza ... It's Not Worth It!

Pizza has become a convenient and favorite family meal.  A pizza store can be found on almost every street in America, at almost every sporting event, mall or shopping center. But did you know that eating the crust alone of one slice of pizza has as many calories as eating three slices of bread?...more

A Recommendation: MyFitnessPal

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon one of the most helpful, fun, and totally free fitness resources I've ever found, and I've been using it ever since. Just in case you haven't already discovered it (or something similar) for yourself, I thought I'd share a few details about MyFitnessPal. ...more

There is Never a Good Answer

We go through life looking for answers in all the wrong places, and sometimes there is never a good answer. Last weekend I attended my first blogger conference, BlogHer 2014.  It was an amazing getting to meet so many virtual friends, and getting a taste of just how much I have yet to learn, about pretty much everything. There were some great speakers, including Kerry Washington who everyone (but me) seemed really stoked about seeing....more

The influence of siblings on your weight

My son is relatively fit. He gets plenty of fresh air and exercise (way more than I do), and he likes to show me his "big muscles." As parents, we are trying to reinforce the idea of staying healthy. We are slowly winning him over - not to the point of eating vegetables - but our son definitely requests that we run around outside, go swimming, ride bikes and do other activities that are really active. ...more

Come alone

I can honesty tell you that at the ripe age of____ it is time to start it all over again. I’ve worked full time for over sixteen years, built a house from the ground up, and raised two kids. I’ve lost the job, house is getting filled with stuff I can’t fine when I need it and the baby is going off to college in four months....more

Show the world the real you

Last week, I went out to lunch with a friend of mine that struggles with her weight. I know that weight is something that she gets upset about so I didn’t breach the topic until she did. I have known her at her lowest weight as well as her highest and have loved her always. She is honestly one of the most amazing people I have ever known, yet for some reason she labels herself as overweight. She is compassionate, stunningly beautiful, kind, intelligent, hilarious, brave, creative, quirky, and inspirational....more

Wrecking My Diet

photoI'm riding atop a thousand pound wrecking ball wearing nothing but a pair of ginormous granny panties, Doc Martens and the smile I was born with....more


I wasn't going to write about this.  The first time I realized that I might have an issue with my weight was when I fainted on the way home from the local pool. I was 14 and despite years of activity and a doctor who described my weight as "normal" and "healthy", I felt fat. I'd felt fat for years. Possibly thanks to the ballet teacher who nicknamed me "Fatty". ...more

Skinny Mini No More

 For the first time in my life it has been strongly suggested that I lose weight.Up until the last couple of years I was a skinny mini.But no more.  I am not a hippy hippo by any means.Still, I no longer wear clothes sized in single digits and when I sit my tummy rests on my thighs.I still have a lap!  Just a smaller one.So I am being pressured to lose at least ten pounds but twenty would be better.I do not like this!...more