Livin' Large In Zumba Land

Livin' Large In Zumba Land     ...more

Weight Watchers Update

Today I am so excited to share my progress from my guest post last month.  You are new and didn't read about it?  Check it out here.  ...more

We Need To Talk: About Diets

 Whenever I hear the word “diet” I cringe a little. It’s like a fairy made out of cookies and cream dies or something. I dislike it completely. Maybe it has to do with the fact that “diet” implies that there is something you need to fix about yourself...maybe it is the fact that I spent nearly my entire high school career on a diet until the day...I crashed....more

How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain (Or: How Not to Panic on Memorial Day!)

 Ever wonder why we seem to get the "automatic" weight gain in winter?  Those extra winter pounds can really creep up on us, in some very hidden ways. Here are five sneaky ways your weight can be sabotaged, with solutions for you to keep it in control....more

So I don't Like My Body. So what?

I just went shopping for a dress for my kids' B'nai Mitzvah. I  have been avoiding it - thinking that maybe if I lose 5 pounds (at least) first, I'll be happier with how I look.  But I'm kidding myself.  I need to shop for the body I have and not the body I want.  Because the truth is, I am never going to love my body just the way it is, and I just have to learn to live with that....more
You reminded me of my nails!  I chewed my nails for years and always was embarrassed about their ...more

Anonymously Speaking

Today I was getting ready to go to a business conference. Something my company does once a year- we ditch our grubby clothes, get together and have a large meeting with the Big Boss. Like most women this started simply enough- put my son to bed and then start packing. I have a closet full of clothes that I haven’t worn in a year. Last year I was pregnant and couldn’t fit into have of what I had but I still was able to pull it together.  ...more

Bullying Prevention Month: News Anchor Responds To Fat Shaming Email On Air

Jennifer Livingston -- an anchor/reporter at News 8000 in La Crosse, Iowa -- gets emails from viewers every day. But this email? This day? Enough is enough....more
You gotta be kidding me.  Calling someone "fat" is now bullying?  OK, now I'm going to put on my ...more

Please Don't Starve Me

When you don't feed your body properly or you think that by not eating you will lose more weight, you are actually doing the opposite of want you really want to happen.  If your body thinks that you are starving it or if you don't eat (on a regular basis)  it will conserve or hold on to your fat for the energy that it needs to work.  Actually, if you eat a larger amount of healthy food instead a smaller amount of unhealthy food, you will lose weight. ...more

Ideas and Ideals

I have a pernicious fantasy of who I would be if I were slender. I call my alter ego Thin Fokker....more

Don't You Think You Should Lose a Few Pounds?

Who hasn't thought that they could drop a couple pounds. But how does it feel when the pressure of the media pushes your own family to ask you that same question?Reality TV has taken over the television airwaves. With channels like Bravo, E!, and MTV, who have begun to spend more time on reality shows than any other, it is not wonder it is taking over our lives. One show that has dominated E! for years is Keeping Up With the Kardashians....more
I actually think she looks vibrant, healthy, and beautiful! It's refreshing to see a celebrity ...more