The Human Accordion

I find it remarkable that others maintain their figure responsibly. They inconspicuously stay within five pounds of a normal weight, as if they committed as babies not to disrupt the progressive, natural process of life.  They live steadily at one size all the way through their thirties, slightly plump up around midlife, then shrivel.  Cut to a still of my wardrobe, ranging in size from 4 to 18. I was skinny as a child; a redheaded, gangly arrangement of bones....more

I eat potatoes... with butter.

 I eat potatoes.  Everyday for lunch I eat potatoes smothered in butter and salt and freshly ground black pepper.  Oh my, so good! ...more

Because I’m Worth More Than That

This morning on the Australian Today Show, presenter Lisa Wilkinson made one of the best comments I've heard yet regarding women and body image:"Any woman who doesn't celebrate celebrating another birthday needs to visit a cancer ward."Amen, sister....more

It's Not the Size of the Behind, It's a State of Mind

What makes women beautiful?I hope when you think of beauty, you think of women who are not only physically attractive (there are PLENTY of those women out there), but women who have substance to their heart....more
I love this, now maybe I could try taking your advice ;)more

Our Bodies Know What They Need

I'm only (only?!) four months into pregnancy, but already this early mamahood experience is teaching me so much. Number one is this: trust. I've already written about trusting in the face of fear or adversity. But beyond that I've been learning that my body is trustworthy. ...more
This is a beautiful article that has inspired me to feel gratitude for my strong, healthy, and ...more

Mind the Soft Spots, I'm not talking about the baby's

I’ve always been obsessed with my weight, even though I’ve never been the perfect amount of skinny. (Is there such a thing?)   Up until high school, I was lanky.  Lots of people commented on how tall I’d be when I grew up....more


So glad that you are comfortable in the skin you're in! I also think moderation ...more

Hot Child in the City…..Or Not!

I admit that I’ve never really been someone enamored of the dog days of summer.  I don’t enjoy the beach or swimming and am not a sun worshiper.  Instead I always associated summer with vacation from school in that lazy, hazy, crazy way.  More importantly as I became a young adult I looked forward to the “summer romance.”  It seemed nothing was better than meeting some guy and spending time on long walks, or dining alfresco and reveling in each others youth & beauty.  Now that I am 50 it’s all become a sad, painful, faint memory.  Summer has become the bane...more

about "getting over it"

C and i were invited to a wedding reception (pretty informal. more like a cocktail-party-type-thing) this past saturday. the groom is an old friend of mine of 20+ years. we’ve only been in touch sporadically over the last 15 years or so until last year, when we happened to sign up for the same spanish-class (without knowing about one another) and ended up having a great time once a week sitting in a classroom together again. just like 15 years ago :)...more

Too much fatty food might hurt the brain cells that control body weight

Talk about an endless cycle! Brain researchers believe that obese people who eat a diet high in fat (I assume BAD fats) likely have injured the neurons (nerve cells in the brain) that control body weight. The theory might explain why it's hard for obese people to not only lose weight, but also maintain the weight loss. ...more

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny

We’ve all seen the latest Jenny Craig commercials with Carrie Fisher as their newest celebrity success story.  That’s cool.  I have to admit that I was a little taken aback when I first saw Carrie – way different than I remembered her in her Princess Leia days.  But, I applaud her for putting herself out there and doing what she needs to do to take the weight off and get healthy.   However --- in the commercial I saw this morning, Carrie says something about thanking Jenny Craig for allowing her to be pretty “one more time” or “one last time”, something t...more