Thoughts on Being A "Pretty Fat Girl"

Now, this isn’t the first time that this has happened to me. The “but you’ve got such a pretty face” write-off. As if my face discounts the size of my body, or my life-long struggle with weight. As if we are existing in some sort of hierarchy of fatness, where pretty faces sit at the top and everyone else has more of a right to hate their bodies than, let's say, I do. ...more
sooooooo true.  There feels like there is a perceived beauty hierarchy on many levels. I lost a ...more

I'm 5'7 and Weigh 160 lbs... And I'm OK with that...

Oh, I think it's an awesome picture! You look beautiful and stylish and contemplative. I love ...more

A New Year, A New Day, A New Perspective

Monday, January 03, 2011 A New Year, A New Day, A New Perspective It is a new year, new week...more

Own Your Beauty: Breaking Through Invisible Me

The unacceptable part comes when I shift out of invisibility mode. Because when that shift inevitably happens, it's into nitpicking. I begin to see my body, but only as a collection of things that aren't quite right. It's typically around this time of year, too. ...more

First, in response to Tracy's comment:
What a great perspective!
I think so many of us do the ...more

~ Because I'd like to lose weight AND have a Merry Christmas ~

PEANUT BUTTER BLOSSOMS ... favorite Christmas cookies ever!!  And I plan on making them for Christmas Eve... BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP ... favorite appetizer ever, I make an amazing one and I've been asked to also make this for Christmas Eve!MMMMMM soooo good, but what's a dieter to do?!So here's my plan:...more

And then I got Fat and Immodest

I am no fan of modesty. In the name of full disclosure, I used to be seriously “modest.”  For several years in high school and college I covered by elbows, knees and cleavage.  I swam in the Dead Sea in a black t-shirt and skirt. I wore tank tops backwards, to take advantage of the high neckline, which was actually intended as the back of the shirt. I wore old navy long sleeve t-shirts year round, with another short sleeved t-shirt over it for the fashion. As an Orthodox Jew, I dressed more modestly than the Duggers....more

It's Time!

Without further adieu, it is time for me to start a new chapter in my in life.  As I have established my blog, I will use this as a statement to record my progress.  I am no stranger to health and fitness.  I used to walk six miles a day, lift weights six days a week and my diet primarily consisted of organic food.  Food was my "crack" during my divorce.  I survived by just putting on 45 pounds so time to get them off and live this new, wonderful life as the healthy and fit person I have always been and deserve to be.  The holidays are upon me, it isn't...more

First time in 15 years!

Yes as sad as it might seem, Saturday night is the first time I have worn a dress in over 15 years!It was an engagement party, with a 'casino' dress code, so I thought right dress it is.2 weeks ago I went dress shopping, tried on 4, all hideous (I am in the plus size range!).Went home very depressed, and resigned to wearing my 'usual uniform', of black pants, fa...more

I am glad you rocked that dress - Good for you!



Why I am blogging, and a Hate-loss Challenge

Two separate blogs from two extraordinary women have led me to write this post today.  Normally I link to blogs I’m referring to but in this case I wanted to ask for permission first; unfortunately, I didn’t give myself enough time to do that, so no links; sorry.  The first woman very bravely posted her first vlog this week.  I’ve been reading her for a while now and this is the first time I saw the woman behind the words.  She wrote an entry earlier in the week where she shared her excitement about an upcoming concert.  My heart ached for her as I read, ...more

~ because my best friend swears cardio won't help anyone lose weight ~

My best friend is also trying to lose weight ... like the rest of the world.  When we have weight loss successes, even when it's a pound, we text each other for support.  We also text each other when we seem to be leveling off.  Recently when I was experiencing one of these plateau sort of weeks, my friend asked, "Maybe the cardio isn't working? I mean, I know it's good for your heart, but you should be doing something more to lose weight"  My immediate reaction was to google the hell out of this ......more

any exercise is good exercise!!more