Why We Need a Spiritual Practice

Why We Need a Spiritual Practice...more

Health Benefits of Echinacea

Feelin’ a little down? Cold season finally caught up to you? Echinacea might be just what you need!Along with being a beautiful flower, Echinacea is also an herb used to help treat the flu and colds, and helps to strengthen your immune system....more


      A recent study seemed to suggest the daily apple does not equal less doctor visits.  (Remember, 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away?')  However, once you read the study results more thoroughly it doesn't really confirm a thing!  Obviously health, and doctor visits are a more complex subject than whether we eat an apple each day.  For starters, the study didn't record what other foods people eat, if they have insurance or not, if they are generally healthy to begin with, and so on.  ...more

What if the Number on the Scale Told You Exactly Not One Thing that’s Important?

A couple of weeks ago I strained my back badly during a workout.  I cringed every time I took a deep breath.  I couldn’t sleep.  I couldn’t even think about picking up my kid.  So, after about a week, I gave up and went to the doctor to get a muscle relaxant.  When I got called back to the exam room, I experienced the same thing most women do when they’re walking to the hall to the exam room.  I felt like I was walking the gang plank, knowing that before I got to the safety of the exam room I’d have to get on a scale.   My husband is well trained....more

12 Relaxation Tips to Improve Your Quality of Life

Hi y’all.  I have some great tips for you on relaxation and energy.  Quality of Life is so important and what better way to improve it than to learn some ways of feeling physically, mentally and emotionally better....more

Beginners Crystal Grid + Abundance Crystal Kit

Amber @ The Holistic FoodieIf I could stress anything, it would be that manifesting your dreams and desires are really, really important! Especially if you want them to come true. Writing steps to reach your goals, creating a vision board or making a crystal grids are some great examples of how to do so! I mean, you want your dreams to come true? Right?...more

The Unicorn Hickey

Arnica is a life saver ...my oldest sibling taught me about it. I actually love the Whole Foods ...more

Stay Away Cancer Smoothie

We’re incredibly excited to focus on Carrots this week! We switched if you happen to notice – we went from originally peanut butter, to now carrots. This change is in honor and recognition of the Jess Ainscough passing; carrots is what she drank while battling cancer for 7 years. Read about her story here, from the Mind Body Green page. ...more

100 Days of Active

If you’ve been following the blog for any length of time, then you’ll remember my failed attempt at 100 Days of Active last year. Last year, the idea was to be active everyday in the days leading up to my birthday.Well, it didn’t happen. I tried. But not hard enough.So, I’m bringing it back. For no other reason than to give me a good goal, and something to keep me moving....more