Talking to My Teen about a Life of Privilege

 It was a glorious spring day, the hard edges of the air softening into mildness, the sun reflecting in puddles, spirits sitting up and stretching their arms to the sky. Awaking from the freeze of winter, everyone was out running, walking, looking faintly stunned by the exposed squares of sidewalk....more

Realizing the Comforts of My Color: Thoughts on White Privilege

She came from nowhere, it seemed, and slipped away in the same smooth and silent way. We were at the donut shop's counter, being treated to coffee by one of the people we were visiting.  His wallet was out, and suddenly she was there, at his side, all creased chocolate skin and curls spiraling with gray and—this is what has stayed with me—dark and haunted eyes. Image Credit: Christine H. via Flickr...more
I feel like I have a good view on this as I am in an interracial relationship my fiance and I ...more

Honoring Black History Month - By Waking Up White

“That workshop is for people of color.” I once got this response to a workshop on racism I had planned, from a white colleague at a national conference. Confession: I’m white, and used to think that way too – that anything specifically about race was targeted to people of color. Until I started to venture into discussions on racism. I quickly learned that talking, and doing something about, racism is, in fact, a white problem. This was mind-bending....more

Ani DiFranco Fans, Duck Dynasty, and Racial Privilege

You either laugh, smirk or roll your eyes, but it could happen. After all, a month ago, did you think one of the most beloved icons of feminist queer music folklore, Ani DiFranco, would organize a (really expensive) retreat on a plantation? Yes, a plantation -- as in the antebellum Louisiana South....more
Whew. Talk about playing ostrich, I've just extracted my head from the sand (as opposed to ...more

I'm Racist, You're Racist, We're All Racist Here

By most people’s definition, I am not a racist....more
@OurGeorgiaRoots  A chance to exhale - I love that! There can be a lot of defensiveness on all ...more

The Zimmerman Trial: Racism Isn’t Just An American Thing

If you’ve been following the news, as I have and do, you’ll know that yesterday, the verdict in the Trayvon Martin shooting case was due to come down. The case has been one of great media interest and public outcry. A 17-year-old black boy was followed and shot because George Zimmerman, a white man who fancied himself a “neighbourhood watch cop”, decided he looked suspicious....more

Touchy Subjects: Thinking about Race

I'm closing in on seven years of living in Victoria, BC in Canada. Prior to this I had pretty much lived my entire life in Southern California--most recently San Diego. Besides missing my family terribly, I really miss the racial and ethnic diversity. I need to add that I am Mexican-American and self-identify as Latina. My family has been in the US for three generations. My partner and I joke about how we are a NAFTA family, as he is Canadian. Our two girls have citizenship in both countries. Victoria is a predominantly homogenous community and we knew that when we relocated here....more

Teaching White Children of Queer Families About Race

For the purposes of this piece, I am going to sometimes use the word “we” to refer to white parents and white children. I apologize that, in so doing, I am leaving out readers of color. I welcome readers, parents, and children of color to respond to anything in this piece. But I am intentionally writing this piece as a conversation directed towards queer white parents, particularly those with white children. ...more
Hi Susan, My name is Robin Marquis and I work with an organization called COLAGE. We are the ...more

Top Ten Reasons I Am Not A Racist, Part 1

Did you hear the one about the Louisiana Justice of the Peace who refused to marry an interracial couple? I did. These stories just sort of pile up on us like loads of dirty laundry, and this one took me down the treacherous path of "I am not a racist but." (Note: You'll find part 2 of this post at this link.) ...more
nordette_verite Thanks, I'm gonna give 'em a deeper read when I get the time. Thanks for sharing.more