Wasn't ready to simply be a wife

Boy! Is being a wife a different role than being a daughter! Cleaning, cooking, mending, paying bills....more

The Good Wife

@HomeRearedChef Congrats on finding your true love...it sure makes a difference in a marriage! ...more

Second Wife

Gulsum Basheer   http://talkalittledo.wordpress.com/A good husband makes a good wife, even if she is his second wife.I was 26 years old when I got married. My husband was 52 at that time. That made him 26 years my senior.I was his second wife.In my country and community our horoscope is designed at the time of our birth. This astrological forecast known as Jadagam plays a major part when looking out for a spouse....more

Domesticate Me

I'm 37 years old and a self prescribed domestic slacker. I hate cooking, cleaning, and well let's face it anything that requires effort at home. For anyone who knows me especially people from work this may be a surprise since I'm an efficient work horse at my job. For some reason, I never really learned to do all the house chores that kids pick up on from their parents. It's not that my parents didn't role model these things. In fact, I have vivid memories of my dad cooking dinner every night and as a young child I had to vacuum or dust in order to get my allowance....more

Life of a LEO Wife

I have been thinking about writing this post for quite a while now but I never felt like I would be able to fully express everything I feel, know, etc. on the subject. Instead of putting it off, I will just go ahead and try to share what's on my heart....more

Memorial Day

Okay, so Memorial Day itself doesn't actually make me angry. Quite the opposite in fact as I deeply believe our veterans need and deserve their day of honor and remembrance....more


Oh, you know, I'm just your average, modern day, divorced, remarried, working mother of three trying to make it all work.  Life's messy. Life gives us cocktails for that!...more

Zipper Trivia... Just the word... not the actual mechanism.... (HELP ME)

Okay.. So here is the thing... Mr amazing and I had this Chat yesterday while at our respective offices... I posted it to my blog... He says we are not funny to anyone but ourselves... I countered that we perhaps are the funniest people ever... He said I was crazy... Look! I know! We might not be that funny... but what is funny is convincing him I am always Right! Because well... its good... trust me... So here is what I need... I need you guys... To read this and laugh! Or comment! or really just click the link to the blog if your too busy... because the future of america is... no no.......more


MotherWifeMeWife-iI am a wife. I became a wife just over a year ago. Just under eight months after I became a mother. Like most of the rest of my life, it wasn't planned to be that way, but that's how it panned out. Naughty. But nice.I like being a wife. I wasn't strictly sure whether I would or not. But I do. I've always been very pro-marriage, but I didn't know what impact it would have on our relationship and me once we'd tied the knot. ...more

My Name Is Worth $500K

"How is married life?" is probably one of the most common questions that newlyweds get, but if there is one question that crops up most often for women who have announced a recent or upcoming wedding, it's: "are you taking his name?" Here, Sharon dishes all the reasons she isn't. ...more
@LLCoolGrey Thank you, my friend! Glad you enjoyed it.more