Savory Characters: The Lungarotti Family Umbrian Winemakers

Lungarotti Winery in Umbria, ItalyAs an Italian expat, I have fallen in love with ...more

Tuscany is so yesterday. Why Umbria is the new place for Italian wine tasting

The Umbrian countrysideSo I promised some yummy tidbits from my recent trip to Umbria. So I'm starting with the wine tours....more

Wine Tasting in Tuscany

While living in Milan, I had spent many weekends exploring the small enotecas and private vineyards throughout Tuscany. On this visit back, I was interested in seeing a boutique winery and learning more about how Tuscany is embracing luxury wine travel....more

Day 20 - Felt Good on My Lips

 Since we moved to NorCal, we've spent a lot of time in the Wine Country.We're only about 3 1/2 hours north of Sonoma County,and from there it's a short drive to Napa.We bec...more

Fusion Wine Tasting

They also had spirits, beer, and cider. But it's hard to find what I like in general because most are on the drier side. I do not like the dry stuff, at all....more

Napa Valley Wine Tasting Tips

Wine Tasting Party

Once a year we host a wine tasting party.It’s like second Christmas for my husband, Peter.The idea for this party originated six years ago as a cover for a surprise birthday party.  The birthday boy never suspected a thing!  He just thought it was a party to help Peter and I with inventory reduction....more

Skybar Wine Preservation System, Because Wine is Too Good to Waste

 Wine connoisseurs everywhere are certain to rejoice!  The Skybar Wine Preservation System is now available to preserve your wine and look great doing it.  Wine is now able to last up to 10 days in the great system without the use of expensive chemicals or that goofy hand pump....more

How to plan a Wine Tasting trip from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara

 How to plan a Wine Tasting trip from Los Angeles to Santa BarbaraWhen I think of Santa Barbara, the first thing that comes to mind are the beautiful beaches and scenery. It lies between the Santa Inez Mountains and Pacific Ocean with a climate often compared to that of the Mediterranean.  My friends and I often talked about wanting to go to SB to taste wine, a vineyard sounded exciting but expensive. Well, they have the most charming wine bars that will make your  Santa Barbara dreams come true....more

Wine Tasting at the Versace Mansion and What It's Like to Be a Food Blogger

In case you wondered what being a food and travel blogger is all about ... well, it's about a lot of work most days. It's about being plugged in and engaged from your first waking moment to lights out. Every day....more