Host a Wine Tasting Party: By Jen Oliak

Are you looking for an interesting theme for hosting a dinner party with friends? Try a wine tasting party! Dave and I attended one recently and it was so much fun.  If people don’t know each other well, a wine tasting party is a good topic-based gathering with a common subject to talk about throughout the evening....more

Sonoma WIne Tour

My Culinary Experience at the New York Wine and Culinary Center

I was in Rochester, NY this week for work.  What a beautiful place to be in the fall!  The leaves are already beginning to show their color and the views from every angle in that city were just stunning. It was that sweet reminder that you get in the fall, that there is always a new beginning and a chance to change, revive and evolve from the space that you are currently in.  It was really beautiful. ...more

There's No Whining in Grape Stomping

 This was previously printed on the blog, Nurse Mommy LaughsThere it was. A full-bodied, agreeable red, with nice legs, a hint of unbalance and a spirituous finish....more

Savory Characters: The Lungarotti Family Umbrian Winemakers

Lungarotti Winery in Umbria, ItalyAs an Italian expat, I have fallen in love with ...more

Tuscany is so yesterday. Why Umbria is the new place for Italian wine tasting

The Umbrian countrysideSo I promised some yummy tidbits from my recent trip to Umbria. So I'm starting with the wine tours....more

Wine Tasting in Tuscany

While living in Milan, I had spent many weekends exploring the small enotecas and private vineyards throughout Tuscany. On this visit back, I was interested in seeing a boutique winery and learning more about how Tuscany is embracing luxury wine travel....more

Day 20 - Felt Good on My Lips

 Since we moved to NorCal, we've spent a lot of time in the Wine Country.We're only about 3 1/2 hours north of Sonoma County,and from there it's a short drive to Napa.We bec...more

Fusion Wine Tasting

They also had spirits, beer, and cider. But it's hard to find what I like in general because most are on the drier side. I do not like the dry stuff, at all....more

Napa Valley Wine Tasting Tips