Fun under the sun is a place where i can share with you all things wonderful where i live. Also, how we enjoy our home town. We moved to Temecula 6 yrs ago. The first 4 years i whinned like a baby about how i wanted to go home! Im from a city of millions, San Diego. And, even though Temecula is just one hour north and has a sufficient amount of's still just 100,000 people. Seems SO small. ...more

Onion Rings & Chardonnay

  Just a Tuesday night's fare is all I have: Sriracha wings, sweet potato fries, oven baked onion rings, and some Chardonnay. I like what Argento I've had in the past. The Pinot Grigio, and the Malbec are easy drinking. So, why not the Chardonnay? Oh, and I think there was an Air Miles bonus on the bottle. Sometimes I'm a bit of a wine whore that way. Anyway......more

Pasta and Chardonnay

  More. Pasta. It must be the cool of winter that has me craving cheese, meat, and wheaty noodles. This recipe is a little on the lighter side of things and it's from Dave's repertoire: linguini with clams. Easy, fast and good....more

Host a Wine Making Class

By: Toni CruthirdsPhoto Credit

A Simple Soup with Wine

I thought I'd share a nice, simple recipe with you. It's not very pretty, but it's a great mid-winter bowl of heartiness. I took the recipe from Mark Bittman at The New York Times and adapted it to work for me (I didn't have raw chickpeas, or the time to cook them, and all we had was some German weisswurst in the freezer), but it's the simplicity of this soup that makes it so great....more
Hey there! It was super easy and yes, delish. Perfect for this winter weather.more

Starbucks to start serving wine and beer

Is the world’s largest coffee chain turning into a bar? The marketing move started in 2010, and reflects the coffee establishment’s growth into a new era. It wants to recast itself in the image and likeness of European cafes, which in Paris and Italy apparently offer a selection of both in addition to coffee and pastries. ...more

Pinot Noir

It's been a while, but my sommelier group got together this past Sunday afternoon. I missed them. I need them to keep my so-called palate in check....more

Eat & Drink

Diets, cleanses, and getting in shape after holiday bingeing, everywhere I turn, that's all I see: what you can do to make yourself better in the New Year. I can understand that I didn't need that whole bag of chips on Thursday night with my Chardonnay. And refined sugar, it's not necessary and I get it; one glass of Port after the chips and Chardonnay would have been enough. A little exercise? Okay, not a bad idea. However, living on salad in the northern hemisphere, in the dark cold of January just seems silly. It's winter....more
Three cheers for cheese!more

Fairtrade wine in Canada

One day I was standing in the kitchen at work, staring off into space vacantly, as is my proclivity, when a co-worker asked me to tell her a story about Fairtrade wine. I had nothing. I searched the dusty recesses of my brain for what I may have learned at sommelier school and still, I had nothing. Organic and biodynamic wines, yes, something distant was registering there. Local wine, yes-yes, I can string together a few sentences about that, but Fairtrade wine? Nope. Nothing....more

Seared Sashami Tuna with Sauteed Shrimp in an Orange-Soy-Ginger Reduction Sauce Recipe

For New Year's Eve my boyfriend cooked me up a special dish choosing from several of my favorite foods to eat: tuna, shrimp and asparagus with the fact that I love sushi niggling in the back of his head. The dinner was in truth a great experiment that we both thought turned out to be a great success. Scott, my boyfriend, calls it Seared Sashami Tuna and Sauteed Shrimp in an Orange-Soy-Ginger Reduction Sauce with a side of Asparagus. You may want to file this one in your recipe book as simply "DELICIOUS." ...more