The Last Stew Before Winter's End

Although this stew isn’t Irish, it most definitely needs to grace the pages of ASP before winter’s official end....more

I kind of feel like I should do one more stew before the end of the season but I've already made ...more

The Club That No One Wants To Join

I have found myself a part of a very exclusive club. It's a secret club that you only find out about once you're invited to join. The price of membership is very high and there are no refunds. Once you become a member, you are a member for life. No matter where you go or what you do, you will always belong to this club. It is an all-inclusive group of men and women from around the world. This club does not discriminate against anyone for any reason. It is one of the most diverse clubs around. Equal opportunity reigns free here. ...more

You write movingly and I am very sorry for your loss. You point out the importance of grieving ...more

Sunday Vino for Penne al Cavolfiore

Pairings for Penne al Cavolfiore Whites: Gavi di Gavi and SoaveReds: Refosco, Schiopettino and Merlot Having just spent a week in Val d’Isère, near France’s border with Italy, where every table is loaded with fondue and creamy dishes, when I read this recipe, crisp white wines and bracing reds raced to mind....more

Sunday Vino for Fettuccine con Salsa di Noci

Pairings for Fettuccine con Salsa di Noci When I read this recipe, my first thought was, “Only red wine could wash down the unctuousness of this dish!” However, whites with sprightly acid can gracefully bear the burden of refreshment for such a dish, especially those from the home base of Salsa di Noci: Liguria. Liguria’s reds and whites exude freshness given their invigorating Mediterranean climate....more

About Fettuccine con Salsa di Noci

Walnuts are believed to be indigenous to Persia, but the Romans cultivated them and brought them to Europe, where they were highly revered. The salsa di noci (walnut sauce) is a recipe that has come from the northern region of Italy, specifically Liguria....more

Local Travel: Santa Barbara & Los Olivos

Did you know that ALL 50 states grow wine?  (According to this article on TIME, North Dakota was the last holdout, who gave in in 2002.) There are signs in Connecticut, my home state, that advertise the Connecticut Wine Trail.  It links together the 10 or so wine producing farms in the tiny state.  (Most of the wine is fruit wine, made from raspberries and strawberries and the like.)...more

Fuzzy Fotos

Why are photos of you when you’re drinking fuzzy?  I’m serious -  look at one of the pictures taken of you at a wedding reception or at the office Christmas party.  If you’ve had a few (too many) Chardonnays, I’m telling you the picture itself will be fuzzy.  Why is that?  Allie

French Kiss

Back then, I hadn’t mastered the art of finding a flaw.  Hadn’t even thought of it yet.  Of protecting myself from little crushes with a prayer.  Show me, God.  Reveal something undesirable about this guy—halitosis, a lousy work ethic, a collection of Skipper dolls—that’ll make this constant thought of ‘what if’ go away.                                        &nb...more

Sunday Vino for Paglia e Fieno

Pairings for Paglia e Fieno: White: Albana di Romagna, especially from Tre Monti and Fattoria Monticino RossoRed/Sparkling: dry Lambrusco, especially from Medici Ermete Solo Reggiano 2009 Emilia-Romagna is Italy’s culinary capital. The wines of the region are generally made in a style to compliment rather than compete with food....more

Our love of wine and a bit of wine ratings

Our love of wine and a bit of wine ratings ...more