Wineducation: Go Californian

You may follow what is trending on twitter, buy the latest “it” shoes from Nordstroms, or covet the newest must-have gadgets, but do you devote any time to what is trending in the world of wines?   Admittedly, I am an on-again-off-again wine trend follower. I enjoy visiting Google News and typing  “wine” in the search queue to see what interesting tidbit of information pops up, but for the most part the job of mom-wife-wine drinker is a lot to handle, so the wine trends fall off my radar....more

Wineducation: Vinturi Wine Aerator

I have been an aerator from way back. I received the Vinturi Wine Aerator as a Christmas gift many years ago, and was hooked on the screeching addition to my wine pour ever since. I also tout the benefits of the Vinturi Wine Aerator to my fellow wine lovers because I truly believe it smooths out the rougher aspects of the flavor of wines (especially the budget-friendly fare that I talk about here)....more

Green Fin Merlot: Worth the Green?

I think I enjoy the process of looking for wines almost as much as I do drinking them (I said almost, I am not a crazy person). Well, except for when the pesky wine clerk keeps asking me if I need help, which I never do, I simply enjoy the label art, reading the descriptions, and hopefully uncovering a new bottle that will blow my Uggs off. ...more

Wine Wish List: The Wine Decanter

The wine decanter is an item that many wine lovers surprisingly do not have, some think they wouldn't use it or that decanting doesn't really do anything to enhance the wine, but regardless of the reason many of your wine loving gift recipients are without a decanter, giving you the opportunity to broaden their wine drinking horizons....more

Cranberry Pomegranate Spritzers

Image Credit: Because I Like ChocolateThere is nothing like a festive drink for the holidays. Seasonal fruits like pomegranates, cranberries and pears make these spritzers perfect for any Christmas get together!...more

Wine Wish List: The Wine Stopper

Ethical Eating News Update

There is no shortage of news on Ethical Eating and Sustainability topics these days. I am only able to keep up in fits and starts. I could easily make a full time job out of keeping on top of the worlds of Ethical Eating, Food Justice, and Sustainability and be very happy doing so. One day, maybe, bur for now I have to satisfy myself with merely passing along the wisdom of others....more

Wine anyone?

Some people drink it with everyday that ends in Y...Did you know wine is the oldest alcoholic dri...more

STAYING IN TONIGHT? Ideal Wine partners for the perfect Appetizer, Entree & Dessert

In life, the saying “It takes two to tango” metaphorically applies not only in our relationships with our significant others but with the succulent dinners we have with them.If you’re planning to do some “staying in” with your partner tonight, I'd like to share these 3 easy recipes I found, together with a specific wine suggestion. Whether you’re gearing up for an appetizer, an entrée, a dessert or all three, alone time together will all be worth it…...more

How do I do it?

With a deployed husband, an infant, a toddler, and two needy dogs, I get asked all of the time, "How do you it?" I usually shrug and say, "Coffee in the morning; wine in the evening." Seriously.  And sometimes my beverage choices are reversed (or doubled), depending on the day. ;)...more