The Drunk Kitchen

Last fall, my parents bought and moved into their dream retirement home. They love it and we couldn’t be happier for them. But at times, my siblings and I confess to missing the old house.The loss for me is largely because that old house had the drunk kitchen.It’s the place where moms, sisters, daughters, and girlfriends gather with their bottles of wine....more

Doing without the booze

So here's the thing, I like drinking. Mostly wine but I am also partial to a gin and tonic or 2. I like drinking with my friends, I like drinking on my own. A holiday isn't a holiday without alcohol and nothing is better after a hard day at work than sharing a bottle of Sauignon Blanc (NZ of course) with my man. Bubbles is great for a celebration and what is a dinner with friends without a bottle or 2? But I have the tendency to binge drink. I drink a lot fast and I don't know when to stop....more

Yardwine - it's a neighborly thing

Harkening back to the close knit neighborhoods of the mid-twentieth century, the book Yardwine - It's a Neighborly Thing suggests and encourages the sharing of wine and food with neighbors in a very spontaneous, open and welcoming way. Conceived by Cathy Larson and Nancy and Dan Roddy, Yardwine is a homegrown and simple way to connect with those who live nearby. Think of the Yardwine philosophy as friends we don't know we have until we meet them....more
I really like this idea. Maybe someday ... I would explore as we barely know our neighbors!more

Wine To Try: Gewürztraminer.

Gewürztraminer. It’s a bit of a long name for a grape, unwieldy to pronounce, and granted a little foreign-looking with the dots over the mid vowel, but that is no reason to ignore it. Gewürztraminer makes a lush, aromatic white wine that is a treat to drink. Born of the hills in northern Italy where the grape is simply known as Traminer, it later had the prefix Gewürz (meaning spice) added to its name by the Germans in the middle ages.  Heady aromas of lychee, rose petal, orange peel, and nivea cream (yes, nivea cream) jump out of the glass....more

Introducing Raclette: Cheese, Glorious Cheese

I can't believe I've made it this far in life and not known about Raclette. Oh sure, I've heard the word, I've known it exists. I used to have a Swiss friend who would announce from time to time that she was having Raclette for dinner. I had no idea what that meant and always responded with something like, "Oh, that's great," or "Mmmm Raclette, that sounds yummy." Until now, Raclette has just been a two-syllable word to me....more
@BlogHerFood @onblank I hear ya ladies. It's hard to fly down a hill with a full wine glass anyway!more

Fun under the sun is a place where i can share with you all things wonderful where i live. Also, how we enjoy our home town. We moved to Temecula 6 yrs ago. The first 4 years i whinned like a baby about how i wanted to go home! Im from a city of millions, San Diego. And, even though Temecula is just one hour north and has a sufficient amount of's still just 100,000 people. Seems SO small. ...more

Onion Rings & Chardonnay

  Just a Tuesday night's fare is all I have: Sriracha wings, sweet potato fries, oven baked onion rings, and some Chardonnay. I like what Argento I've had in the past. The Pinot Grigio, and the Malbec are easy drinking. So, why not the Chardonnay? Oh, and I think there was an Air Miles bonus on the bottle. Sometimes I'm a bit of a wine whore that way. Anyway......more

Pasta and Chardonnay

  More. Pasta. It must be the cool of winter that has me craving cheese, meat, and wheaty noodles. This recipe is a little on the lighter side of things and it's from Dave's repertoire: linguini with clams. Easy, fast and good....more

Host a Wine Making Class

By: Toni CruthirdsPhoto Credit

A Simple Soup with Wine

I thought I'd share a nice, simple recipe with you. It's not very pretty, but it's a great mid-winter bowl of heartiness. I took the recipe from Mark Bittman at The New York Times and adapted it to work for me (I didn't have raw chickpeas, or the time to cook them, and all we had was some German weisswurst in the freezer), but it's the simplicity of this soup that makes it so great....more
Hey there! It was super easy and yes, delish. Perfect for this winter weather.more