Lisa Leslie Talks Title IX, NCAA Women's Basketball & More

This year, Title IX is celebrating its 40thyear of existence since passing in 1972. Title IX allows women to have the opportunities that men have for a college education and college athletics. The product of the law is female athletes defying odds and inspiring fans while converting skeptic on-lookers waiting for them to make mistakes, all while getting a college education. Title IX also helped pave the way for professional women’s sports, like WNBA....more

Was Hiring Girl Scout Marketing Chief Laurel Richie a Smart Move for WNBA?

This week the WNBA appointed veteran marketing executive, Laurel J. Richie, as the third president of the league. She succeeds Donna Orender who announced her resignation in December. Val Ackerman was the WNBA's first president, hired in 1996 -- a year before the league began play....more

Anyone who thinks the Girls Scouts of America is only about cookies - is misinformed. It is a ...more