A Tribute to Amazing Women, Fabulous Females in My Life

I have the honor of knowing a number of amazing women....more

How Women’s Influence Is Changing Dynamics In The Modern Workplace

In the modern workplace, women represent around 47 percent of the workforce; in some industries, that percentage is even higher. As women have specifically penetrated office jobs and career business positions, there has been a dramatic change in what companies are expected to provide to their employees. Flexibility in working environment and location, better insurance products, and better leave policies have all become more crucial to retain women in the workplace....more

Is Hormone Replacement Therapy as Bad As We Thought?

Take a deep breath – clicking on this headline does not mean you’re old.There’s almost a mythic quality to hormone replacement therapy at this point. Not long ago, it was considered to be the magic pill that was going to keep women young forever. It was going to solve all the problems of aging, basically eliminating menopause and wrinkles and sexual decline. Thousands of women naturally signed up for it, but then came the bad news. ...more

Getting Back on Her Feet: Helping Homeless Women Vets

Even though some of us will never know what it’s like to be without a permanent home or the worry that comes with sleeping in your car on an unsafe street, homelessness continues to be a prevalent issue across the U.S. Over half a million individuals have no place to call home on any given night and approximately 8% are veterans without a home. ...more

In Praise Of Low Maintenance Friendships! And 10 Things That Assure You're In One

There are in my life, those friendships that run deep and rich and pure and true. And I have done absolutely nothing to make them happen.These are my “low maintenance friendships.”...more

How to repair your damage Hair

Hair loss natural remedies for women are easier and can be done with the ingredients available at home. Women’s hair fall can be caused due to the lack of vitamins and minerals such as (vitamin B1, iron, lysine), the scalp skin condition, strees and improper hair care.Although there have been certain medicine that claims to stop hair loss and also re-growth hairs. Hair loss natural remedies can yield some of the best benefits for healthy hair as per experts....more

We Will Not Be Silenced in The Face of Donald Trump

Congratulations, Mr. President elect on winning the electoral vote....more