Why are women still regarded as not being funny?

I still recall being horrifyingly disappointed during my undergraduate years when a very liberal and open minded male friend of mine said that female comedians weren’t funny. It seemed to me to be a preposterously outrageous thing to believe, and to publicly express. Luckily, most countries have gotten past the ridiculous idea that women are somehow less intelligent than men. However, it is still socially acceptable, and much more easily forgiven, to say that women aren’t funny. I suddenly found myself in a difficult position....more

On Self Respect

Expectations. We all have them. They are created through the fairy tales we read as kids. Through Hollywood films we watch on the big screen. From our parents and how we were raised. And just from the simple experiences that we have been through in life....more

Sex Negativity – Just Say NO To Sensationalized Media

If you follow me on twitter, you probably saw a smattering of angry tweets recently pop up in your feed in response to a Womens Health Mag article (originally posted on ...more

Ronda Rousey Gives Terrible Sex Advice: Dear Ronda Rousey, Just Say Yes To Lube!

In a recent Maxim​ Magazine piece, Ronda Rousey​ was asked, “What should a guy ALWAYS do in bed? What should a guy NEVER do in bed?”, to which she answered…...more
Did she take into accont pre-menopausal and menopausal women?  The need for lube increases ...more


I voted for the first time a few days after my 18th birthday. I could't tell you who I voted for ...more

Confession: I Could Really Use a Man Around Here

I often talk about single life and how I needed to experience being “on my own” these past couple of years since it’s something I hadn’t really done much of in my past.  Being single and living solo has taught me so much about independence, figuring shit out on my own, and honestly?  Getting to know MYSELF without the attachment of a significant other.  And I’m doing pretty damn well, I think.  :::pats self on back:::...more
Ashley B good son!  I think it's OK to divvy up responsibilities and undesirable chores with ...more

Meet Sleeping Beauty # One

The Words of wisdom from my mother; "Do not be like me." I interpreted that to mean not to be a teen mom like her. I followed her directive , I graduated from high school, college, pursued a career, married, purchased a home, and birthed my babies....more
Clearissa Coward Happy Thanksgiving Clearissa Thank you for reading my blogmore

Adulting Sucks: 7 Ways to Fake It Like a Boss

Can we discuss the “A” word for a moment? And no, I don’t mean that word – I mean “adult.” Adulting sucks. I suck at being an adult... ...more
FANTASTIC post! I laughed out loud. Even though... I do all those adult things... which makes me ...more

Society's View of Women And body Image

If your like me and your under 5' then you sure know that finding clothing to fit you properly without visiting a seamstress for every article of clothing to be fixed. This is why I gravitate towards makeup to avoid trying on clothing for hours just to find one shirt to fit my 4'11" body. Now I'm not disproportioned but I'm short in statue and not a size 0, more like a 12-14 depending on the pants....more

Open Letter to Elaina Watley: Victor Cruz Is The Least of Your Problems

This is an open letter to Elaina Watley. Victor Cruz is irrelevant.A couple of days ago, I read that you sent a group text to your man’s chillas (allow him to translate that) to incite anger between the dumb ass broads that are sleeping with your future husband. They didn’t fight with one another. They, probably, traded info because they don’t care....more