To The Over 30 Crowd

This is late in the game. I know. In my defense I don't spend a lot of time online reading articles about design & fashion trends, or beauty, or parenting, or _________(you fill in the blank). Partly because I'm not interested in trends. Trends are disposable, I can't afford that. I have teenagers to pay for. Beauty? Most of those articles are written by young women for young women. Besides, I've been making my lipstick last since the first article I read about how to do that in Vogue when I was 13....more

For All You Gals in Your Early 20's

Your early 20’s are a time for change, a time for growth, a time for experimentation, a time for courage and a time for mistakes. So much is rapidly changing for you and you’re still trying to find your footing while not forgetting you’re still young. As someone no longer in her early 20’s I’d like to tell you what I learned from my early 20’s to my mid 20’s and offer you a little advice along the way.Take the time to know yourself…...more

Not Feminism ; but Realism

 She is a healer, creator and a designer. Even this is not a pre-planned post about feminism or society.. It turned out that those variables are in the same equation and cannot be separated.;World thinks that each Home sapience who carry two x chromosomes is a born feminist. Eventhough everyone ought to speak for her, her rights and her future, she is the volunteer spokesperson for herself and others.  A girl, a woman, a mother,  a leader; so many roles one chromosomes decide.Mother nature, mother ship even mother nucleus... so many words root from her. Over 50% of the world population. Yet, she needs a voice.That’s not because she hasn’t the voice, because her voice has been diminished over centuries.  Homo erects left females at caves and went hunting and exploring because looking after the offspring was her duty.. Ahem.. ditto even for today....more

Kimberly Jesika says Glamour is an Inside Job. Glamour Chics are not victims!

Kimberly Jessy here reporting in live from Hollywood, Ca. As a business owner, you listen to all the woes that people go through. After all you have to touch someone's heart before you can touch their wallet. People don't care how much you know till they know how much you care.I wan't to point out something to you tho. I heard a great blogger who I like and respect named "Evia Moore" say, Common Sense is becoming more uncommon. I liked that saying, so her mission has been helping women particularly in dating get back their "common sense"....more

I Am Not Drinking The Lemonade

One of my most popular Facebook status updates went something like this:You don’t have to have an opinion on everything....more

My New Mantra

  We all need something to hold onto when the storm clouds roll in. Let’s be real: Life can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be unbearable. Too many of us are walking around dripping wet in yesterday’s rain.In an effort to maintain a positive outlook on life, I’ve come up with a new take on an old saying. It’s becoming my mantra because it helps me regain focus during the storms that threaten my sunny days. Here it is:...more

In Defense of 'Me-ternity' Leave

In case you live under a rock or have no access to any slice of the Internet other than Bitchy but Bubbly or tend to scroll past any Facebook post with a ton of angry face emojis, a childless, young woman, Meghann Foye, wrote a novel and gave an interview which advocated for "meternity" leave for women who don't have children because they need "time and space for self-reflection." Interesting. ...more
Her premise was fiction. Ok I get that. Her depiction of maternity leave in real live interviews ...more

Why Praising Little Girls for Being Pretty is Cruel

"What does 'pretty' mean?", I asked my little girl who just turned four."I don't know.""Are you pretty?""Yeah.""Well, how do you know you're pretty if you don't know what it means?""I look in the mirror and see I'm pretty."...more
Absolutely love everything about #marketingmore

3 Reasons Why Women Deserve Flowers As Gifts

Image credits: Maya FlowersBe it a Valentines day or any other day, we women love flowers as gifts any moment, any day. In fact, we don't even need an occasion to be gifted flowers and if there's a guy who keeps sending us flowers, there's no point in we'll deny talking to or befriending him....more