Soul's Window

I’ve been reluctant to move from my single-girl post. I’ve been reluctant to put myself out there and be vulnerable again. The reluctance is driven by fear—fear of getting hurt again, fear of looking stupid, fear of falling too deep. The fear is gripping and palpable, but it is also superficial and fleeting. Fear can be conquered, overpowered with love… “Soul’s Window”  The window of my soul Opens to let in the pure love ...more

What she really means: translation for men

Top words used from women and their real meaningFrom

funny but should need to read this.more

Land Ahead

I love the feel of a clean sheet of smooth paper, snow without any tracks in it and the anticipation of a fresh journey yet to be taken.  What is on the horizon for you as we set sail in 2011? What do y...more

You're Finally Here...Now What?

You came. I was waiting with opens arms and you finally came. And you came on strong. It’s like you awakened one day and decided you were going to work hard to get all the things you ever wanted in life. And one of the things you wanted was me. Your desire for me was so strong and so sudden that I was somewhat caught off guard. You were ready to give me everything I wanted and desired from you, yet now I was the one hesitating. I was slow to move, slow to react....more

Ex-plore in the New Year

Wondering what to do in the New Year? Most of us want to try something different and we have high expectations of the changes we'll make....more

Are Food Bloggers Negotiating Opportunities?

So how does it happen? Food bloggers making money from their writing, photography, advertising; have they negotiated the paid work? Did the blogger initiate it or did the opportunity come to them? And maybe more importantly, for those of us who may not have the paid work that we want, did we try to negotiate every opportunity presented to us? ...more

I agree it's a delicate matter. Sometimes you can't get money, but you might be able to get ...more

Depression: My Own Worst Enemy

It sneaked back in today, tickled my neck and when I went to itch the little bugger, the feeling clipped my fingers like a pair of shears: depression....more

Love Found Me

I search for you in my dreams—just waiting for a glimpse of you among the jumble of images, characters and abstract beings:~My Dream of You~Love.  What a beautiful thing...and it found me. Love found me when I wasn’t looking. It found me at just the right time. A time when my heart was open, my mind was clear and my emotions were ready. It found me at a time when it knew it would have the biggest impact, make the biggest impressions!...more

beautifully written. and i can totally relate to it!more

My first 5 mos of dating again... and I'm all ready, ready to throw in the towell

Like everyone else... I'm on facebook.  I use facebook to communicate with family and close friends,  never thought to use it for meeting men.  I've recently have been contacted through facebook by a man I don't know but is friends with one of my friends.  He does not have a profile pic and has limited how much information he wants to share about himself.  I'm fine with that... I know I like my private life to stay private, so I can appreciate that. Here's the kicker......more

Actually, according to the Catalog of human population the most compatible people or more

Love's All-Encompassing Embrace

My heart is racing.Faster and faster it beats,And with every beat,I feel the heat of your love surrounding me.Surrounding me,engulfing me,grabbing me,hugging me,encompassing me…Til I’m free—Free of the burdens,...more