Kick-Ass Moments From the "Mad Men" Season Finale (Spoilers)

Well, it wasn't the kick-ass, in-your-face finale of last year, but the season 4 finale of Mad Men still had some surprises -- and some kick-ass moments. ...more

I love the idea of Megan being an "Eve Harrington." And you're right, the writers had big plans ...more

Guardian Hippo

My friend Esther recently returned from a trip to Tanzania, Africa, where she and a friend had the privilege of watching the Great Migration in the Serengeti. It was the trip of a lifetime as they saw an amazing array of people, scenery and animals –including elephants that woke them in the wee hours each morning as the huge beasts wandered through camp eating the trees around their tents....more

It's Time To Shout...

Ovarian Cancer is called the "cancer that whispers" because it is difficult to detect. In fact, many women diagnosed today, will die within the next ten years and their stories will be gone with them. We can change that. Time To Shout is a project about creating a collective voice that lives on. One voice to advocate on behal of everyone whose story needs to be told. Ovarian Cancer may whisper, but we don't have to....more

Battle of the Sexes: The Double Standard Continues...Why?

It's long overdue that the double standards applied to women be dropped. How can it be that in 2010, women are still paid less, objectified far more, and expected to do more than the average man? This subject is so frustrating for many of us because we can't seem to change the culture that women are held to a higher standard but compensated less. Don't believe me? Here are two situations that might change your mind. "What are you, depressed?" I had a sinus infection one Friday as I went into work. My hair was clean and brushed but not styled and I wore no makeup....more

My musings and stories and poetry

Love to have you visit my  a wild patience blog in which I tell stories through poetry and photos.

My Truth

Truth—my life is dictated by it. The desire to be “real” literally controls my actions, my words, my motives, ME. I always took pride in being the “truth teller” (as I came to be called in college)—there weren’t many situations that would arise where I didn’t feel comfortable speaking what was on my mind. My words were free-flowing—I couldn’t be tamed. I was a babbling brook, my thoughts pouring out in a stream of unsolicited honesty....more


I have been married almost two years, but we had never lived with my in-laws before, primarily because they do not live in the States. A lot of my friends love it when their in laws come on short visits because they bring with them an extra couple of pairs of helping hands. They rave about how they come home from work everyday to home cooked meals, an immaculate house and cheerful kids, happy in the arms of their grand parents. That was one reason that got me excited about my in-laws’ 4-month long trip to visit us this year. They are wonderful people and I get along with them just fine....more

Killing Us Softly heard a commercial, on the radio, for yet another one of those quick-fix weightloss programs. Having basically tuned it out, my brain drifting off to another topic..probably my To Do list for the day..I was instantly dialed back into the commercial, when I heard this, "finally, a diet that won't kill you!" Kill you? A diet?...more

But For The Grace Of God Go I

I saw a man today begging for change at an intersection.  I witnessed the looks that people gave him, or I should say the way that most people attempted to avoid looking in his general direction.  As he stood there, with his head held up to ask the cars passing by for change, with his cup held in his hand you could see the pride. Not everyone has what it takes to ask someone to spare a dime.  It was when the cars continued to pass him by that you could see his face start to fall, knowing that at that moment society was ignoring him....more

The blessing is in the gift. What they choose to do with the gift is up to them. I usually give, ...more

The REAL truth on what breeds success ('s that simple)

Go to any chain bookstore and you'll see rows of motivational shelf help garbage across the shelves - Ramblings about how to become a better person through some sort of 3-5-7 or 9-step process. Ridiculous....more