Want a Feminist Son? Tips From a Veteran

Someone asked me how we raised feminist sons. I don’t have a checklist. And if I were to respond seriously, I’d start with something really corny: teach them to respect people – all people. The elevator man. The bus driver. Their best friend’s mom. The guy at the candy counter. Their friends. Their parents’ friends. Their baby sitter. They were Manhattan kids, but they were raised to think of the feelings of every person they met. Of course, that meant all women, too. That was an advantage. ...more

I agree about respecting all people.

I'd take it a bit further, too, to not making ...more

Great Expectations

This moment was everything I’d dreamt it be—you were everything I’d hoped you would be… I came into town with such high expectations of the weekend. What would it be like to see you again? What would it sound like to hear your voice again? What would it feel like to embrace again? So many questions were whizzing around in my head. ...more

Shmirshky - The Pursuit of Hormone Happiness

Need some help with menopause? Shmirshky is the book for you. It is the A-Z of menopause with a lot of humor.Check out the review along with other helpful links at http://kristibernard.wordpress.com ...more

Why women cheat?


The Key to the Slow Food Movement on Women Of Green

Fast food may be a defining characteristic of our contemporary culture, but competition is brewing. The Slow Food Movement is hoping to change the trend towards the globalization of agricultural products with an emphasis on traditional and regional cuisine as well as the empowerment of small, independent farmers. Cecila Estreich is one member of a growing generation of young people looking for ways to empower the slow food industry and local farming practices....more

What it Will Take to Make an Organic Nation

OrganicNation.tv is an exploration of the American sustainable food landscape, focusing on the people, places and products that are shaping a new green economy and lifestyle. From farmers to urban gardeners, and from teachers to restaurant owners, the power duo composed of Dorothée Royal-Hedinger and Mark Andrew Boyer travel the country to document how sustainable food systems are being created....more

The Importance of Hiring Women in Technology

 From Internet World Business/Switzerland - January 2011 Take a look at this picture. These faces abounded, over six editorial pages, within Internet World Businesses most recent issue - highlighting the faces and names rocking the tech scene in Switzerland. Notice anything funny?We'll tell you what it is: Save for ONE - on a different page - these are all men....more

March 8, 2011 is the 100 year anniversary of International Women's Day

Two great opportunites for women of the world, this Press Release talks about the celebration for International Country WIN events but if you go to www.internationalwomensday.org you can see the ten cities in the US that this celebration is also happening on March 8, 2011 and click on International Countries on the site and you can also see all the countries.  Also you can nominate a woman for one of the awards see information on the site, as awards will be given out at each city and all the countries.  Also for US women The WIN...more

What is Intermittent Explosive Disorder?

Intermittent Explosive Disorder is an anger disorder that takes away your control over aggressive impulses....more

Top Models and Crush Videos-Really?

Why would the advertisers for New Zealand's Next Top Model show think it wise to conjure up crush video images to appeal to a youth market? Among other things, the ad features a model in a sexy red high heeled shoe stepping on a white bleating lamb. Notwithstanding that the lamb is a toy and that I would defend to the death the protections of the right of free speech, I have to wonder what it means, and why hurting an animal is the new image of choice to suggest beauty and power. ...more