My Idol Audition

I was wondering if the Idol judges would mind coming to my bathroom for my audition. I really do my best work there. Allie

Valentine’s Day Is For Men, Too

Valentine’s Day is on Monday and I just want to send a shout out to all the men who enjoy the excuse to celebrate love. All the advertising is aimed at men buying things for women. It’s as if men aren’t allowed to like Valentine’s Day for it’s own sake, but only do it to please their female partners. Is enjoying Valentine’s an unmanly thing to do? Are only wimpy men romantic? I hardly think so. I know men who love the excuse to be romantic. Regardless of what you think of the marketing (it goes overboard, I’m sure) the idea behind Valentine’s Day is a lovely one....more

The Fearless Cook takes on....the (sexy) Artichoke

the sexy artichoke   Many years ago, I was put to shame by a teenager and his knowledge of artichokes. He went on and on about how cool it was to be served an artichoke flower....more

I was at a conference today and the luncheon fare was gourmet pizza. The most popular topping ...more

The Police Perspective

This is the 17th installment in the Bad Luck Cadet Series. It’s best to start at the beginning "Accidents Happen" to enjoy my adventures at the police academy after my mid-life crisis. It’s all about fun, laughter and pain. Well maybe pain, pain and pain! The academy was changing me, mentally, as well as physically. Physically, I didn’t just have arm bicep muscles. I had muscles in my forearms, thighs and butt....more

Dating Adventures at Mid-Life: What the *&^% Am I Doing on Match.Com?

So, my tentative New Year's resolution is to get my hands out of my own pants and down someone else's. I say tentative because I have been down the slippery path of online dating before - and I know what I'm in for. Nonetheless, I have decided to dust off my old profile and try this cyberdating thing once again. Maybe. ...more

Black Swan... more like boring swan

Have you seen Black Swan? Did you love it? I didn't. Not a huge surprise though. I'm not of a fan of Natalie Portman, especially not when she makes that "oh poor me" face, which must have accounted for 75% of her screen time in this film. The ballet was beautiful, and I was super impressed with her and the other actor's talent. The story bored me nearly to tears. The annoying blond women sitting behind us didn't help....more

Does God Expect Perfection?

    God's grace comes in many shapes, sizes,colors, times, places, and people. God’s grace fills the room with compassion for the one nobody else will talk to. His grace walks through the door straight over to the woman who feels judged by other women in the church....more

Women in Control Over Finances and Education

Who says this is a man's world? Women are making strides in key arenas.. academic achievement and their financial future. A quick overview of recently published materials from various sources shows research proving female dominance in these fields. ...more

Who are You?

Yun is meeting with one of her clients in a coffee shop. Running  late, she is driving way above the speed limit and  and finally arrives at her  destination rushing into the coffee shop. There are about a dozen people there, but no sign of her client. “Oh no, is this the right place?” she gets a little worried  as she walks outside and checks the patio. She walks back in, looks around again. In a corner, some one is waving at her. “How come I did not see you when I first walked in?” Yun asks....more

I may need some more knickers

My love life has a pretty disastrous history.  I should have been able to foresee my wayward path when at the late blooming age of 20, my first ever boyfriend ditched me after a glorious six month relationship for his half sister with a walking stick awaiting her hip replacement. Oh how I was scorned!  Since then my love interests fell into one of two categories.  Either your typical bad boy where I would swoon ridiculously if they ever looked in my eyes for more than a millisecond or out of character said something nice.   Or at the other end of the scale, ...more