It Doesn't Have To Be That Way

Procrastination is a combination of low energy and low focus.   Increase your focus by relating the d...more


I am sitting in my bathtub.  The water is running over my feet and when I'm not writing these words my arms are stretched above my head, resting against the pink bathroom wall. I should be doing dishes, or laundry.  I should be planning tomorrow's post, or at least an outfit.  Shaving my legs.  Working out.  Worrying because it's 9PM and my boyfriend isn't home yet. My cat is staring at me; he thinks I'm crazy.  But I am not crazy.  Right now, I'm not even his owner....more

Thank you. [exhales]more


I’m sitting at my desk at work and I feel trapped. Trapped—not because I don’t love my job and enjoy coming here, but trapped because I am unable to do exactly what I want to do right now! Right now I want to tell all men exactly what is on my mind. Right now I want to tell the guy on my football team that I think he’s cute and we should go out sometime. Right now I want to tell the guy I’m going to be going out with in a couple days that I don’t want to go out because you don’t meet my height requirement....more

Females = Males in math skills

We're still fighting the stereotypes about boys (and men) being better at math than girls (and women), but almost all the recent studies show otherwise. It's a good thing, too. In 2005, women controlled the family finances in 75% of U.S....more

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be True, Be Naturally YOU!

   I am amazed to see how many women today have forgotten their worth and value. They have lost their true beauty. I cannot blame them alone because society plays a great part in a woman’s mindset. It is time for women to reclaim their confidence, value, and self-worth. It is time for us to break the mold and accept ourselves just the way God created us to be.   I know it sounds simple but it is not as easy as you think....more

Adrian Fenty: How Washington DC residents voted for change then rejected it.

Disclaimer: I value all sides of the issue and this is just one of many point of views. Thank you for reading mine. When Adrian Fenty was elected for mayor of Washington DC, I wasn't his biggest fan. However, that mostly had to do with my political party affiliation and disdain for every DC election swinging hard left. I thought that Adrian Fenty would parrot the prior mayors of DC and pretty much be in lock-step with the status quo around the district....more

My Path from Rejection to Gratification…

Slowly drifting through this worldNever listening yet never being heardI am so lost and confusedWhy am I the one that always has to lose? When will my heart find yours?  Crawling daily through life’s ups and downsLiving each down with my face in a frown...more

In Defense of Childless “Mothers”

A recent blog entry caused a bit of a stir among readers. In the entry, I confess that a friendship ended because my friend’s children were impossible for me to be around. Some of the comments in response to the entry were quite critical of me. Some expressed solidarity with the “I can’t stand your kids” sentiment. But most of the responses, either way, expressed the unfortunate and often wrong perception that if a woman does not have a child, she just doesn’t understand what it takes to parent one—or what it’s like to parent one....more

This election cycle? I am not a fan.

I am reposting an entry that was added to my blog earlier today - mainly because I'm just that worked up about the subject matter.Let’s take gender politics out of this for a minute.This election cycle has been shamefully petty and counterproductive – in a time when we can LEAST afford for it to be so. I DON’T CARE how awful your opponent is. Frankly, I think 95% of you who got the nomination for your party are awful. If you’re running for office in this climate, odds are that you’re either an attention whore or a masochist or both. I don’t really want an attention whore masochist governing me, but my choices are limited....more

Squirrel in the Garden!

The redwood out in front has produced a soft carpet of gorgeously brilliant, golden needles –and the rains have finally come. Everything in CiCi’s Garden looks invitingly fresh with rain-polished leaves glossy after a downpour. Rain-polished leaves in CiCi's Garden...more