Divorce and the Death of a Family

            I am not sure how it began exactly, my interest in death. My daughters tell me (in their snarky teenage way) that I am obsessed with death. I disagree. I don’t consider my interest in death to be an obsession, merely a fascinating hobby, intensely diverting, and borne from a deep sense of personal loss. It is an interest I would describe as more compelling than obsessive. Death is present for me now in a way it has never been before; and I cannot look away, nor ignore its lingering stench....more

The Most Popular Cadet

This is the 18th installment in the Bad Luck Cadet series. It’s best to start with Accidents Happen to enjoy my adventures at the police academy after turning 40. It’s all about the fun, laughter and pain. Well maybe pain, pain and pain! Graduation day was only five weeks away. I wish I could say the academy was easier at this point, but it was only getting harder. Sgt. Dickens never thought I would make it this far and now, concerned that I just might make it all the way through to the end, he was out to get me. Police Chief Varnett and Sgt....more

popular culture? help me out fellow moms!

I am barely able to follow the news, and so behind on popular culture. It's not just that we don't have television, it's also that there's just no time. I get kind of intense about the things I care about and commit to, and so right now that means my life evolves around parenting and my work writing. I love to read, but the books with fiction I've checked out at the library lately have not been finished. Instead of reading for "me," I've been spending any "free" time (are there really any truly "free" moments??) reading and writing for work. ...more

The Power Of Woman: Sexy Or Scary?

Women are friggin’ powerful. And during that fertile time of the month, our power escalates, especially with respect to how the opposite sex responds to us. At least, that’s what the research shows. This scares the hell out of some people....more

Love your article. It couldn't be more on point. I can always tell when the women I work with ...more

Pay equity for women to be repealed?

Minnesota proposes to end ‘equal pay for women’ policy for public employees.  Do we really want to go back? NORTHFIELD, MN (February 21, 2011) – In the United States, women make 77 cents per each dollar men make (Census, 2010). It used to be even worse. Governments in Minnesota have been operating under a pay equity for women policy to insure fairness.  Now the policy is under scrutiny with repeal being proposed. Minnesota was the first state to pass pay equity laws....more


Neither Here Nor There After "The Thing"

Editor's Note: Please take a brief poll (you'll find out why at the end of this post)....more

Wicked Good - Chapter Eight

 Chapter Eight Archer had made the drive to Bangor General many times. She remembered at least seven. Four to the emergency room—three lawn mower related accidents, one a sledding mishap. Rory was lucky to have all of his fingers. Plus three trips to the psychiatric wing. The first time, he was eight years old. The last, he was twelve. As she drove, she tried Wayne’s cell.  No answer. She wondered if he had forgotten to charge his phone again....more

A Match Made In Heaven...Despite The Circumstances

I’m so in love! I feel so content, so settled, so happy! My boyfriend is in town and it is wonderful—wonderful because we are able to express our love through actions and gestures. As I’ve mentioned before, because we are in a long-distance relationship, we sometimes feel like our love is limited, stifled. But the moment he got in town, the door of our love was opened. We were free to explore the depths of our love. We were free to delve into the crevices of our desire. ...more

How (not) to read a recipe

The Fearless Cook's kitchen is getting a facelift. Where once was a doorway is now going to be a wall to add more kitchen space....more