So Many Unemployed Everywhere I go I am hearing about more and more people out of work.  Some of the stories are really sad and break my heart.  So many people are struggling and living one day at a time.  Although I am also unemployed I still consider myself lucky because my husband has a job.  I also feel like all of us out of work have to look out for each other.  I pass along any tips or jobs I see to my friends and they do the same for me.  Networking is the most important thing today. ...more

Why Raising Awareness through Sexism Isn't Actually Beneficial to Anyone: the Facebook Breast Cancer Memes

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and with the start of the month comes the deluge of pink reminders peering at us from everywhere from grocery stores to online ads.  Much has been written on the idea of using commercial products painted pink as a sign of supporting breast cancer research; I am not fully opposed to the idea, insofar as the money that is actually donated to research funds.  What I am concerned about is what these attempts at awareness say about the women of our culture....more

Ila's Personal Safety Alarms

Fear mongering is certainly not the goal of this post. But, as mentioned in a previous article, personal safety is something that we should all take seriously and we have to be smart enough to educate ourselves on the subject....more

Why I am terrified to eat. How fitness pop culture is confusing women.

At 225 pounds, I wasn't always afraid to eat. Currently, my weight is high, but I am not as fat as one would imagine. I wear a size 16/18 in Women's clothes, I can jog 2 miles, and have been trying every "diet" and "meal plan" I can find. The problem is, I am still fat. Or at least, bigger than I would like to be. My ideal weight is 160. Despite being rather "average" in the height department, perhaps even slightly below average, I am not "very large". When I "came out" to my friends and family with my numeric weight, there was shock....more

Hey not everyone needs to come out with their actual number! It's sometimes something very ...more

Alaffia Skin Care Remarkable Product

Here’s a skin care line with a great product AND a great story....more

The process of writing a book

   Hello everyone out there in cyber ville....more

Eulogy for A Poem: "The Red In My Bed"

recently posted a poem on entitled, "The Red In My Bed". It exposes the sharp edges, courage and vulnerability of a woman trying to navigate safely through a world where sexual violence against her gender is rampant. The poem focuses on the element of betrayal of trust....more

Everyone Can Save I have been a great saver since I was a kid.  When I hear that people do not know how to save/budget I can not believe it because it comes naturally to me.  I read something the other day about needs vs wants and I think this may have something to do with it.  People, especially adults, have to have discipline and can not have everything they want.  I read that if you want something over $100 think about it for 24 hours and most likely you will forget about it by the next day. ...more

Interview: "Big Girls Don't Cry" Author Rebecca Traister

Post-mortems of the 2008 elections, with many pages dedicated to the women involved, are not in short supply. One of the most recent entries, Big Girls Don’t Cry: The Election That Change Everything For American Women, is by Rebecca Traister, author and senior writer for Many excellent reviews have been written already, and I would only be adding to them. So instead, I'm offering up the results of a phone interview I conducted with Traister last week. I think you'll find her reflections fascinating. ...more

Thanks for the clarification.

I agree that: “our female leaders will have more roads open ...more

Dating Etiquette for Women

I don't think of etiquette as stifling -- I think it's the hallmark of civilized living. Boil down all the rules you can think of and you will find one simple truth that unites them: etiquette is about being considerate of other people. That's what it comes down to -– and it goes for women as much as it does for men. ...more
Ladies and to everyone else who’s experiencing frustration in the dating world and with dating ...more