What happened to the person I used to be?

Here’s what I remember about going back to work properly after having my first daughter....more

My Mother never slept

When I was a teenager, I was convinced that my Mother didn't sleep. She was a single Mom with a restaurant job that required long hours. And on the nights that she worked a close shift followed by an open shift, I am pretty sure that she only got about four hours of sleep (at best)....more

Right Where I Should Be

Thurday's Thoughts and Reflection     ...more

Five Gift Basket Ideas for Your Co-Workers This Holiday Season

 When it comes to your co-workers, you want to make sure you are buying thoughtful gifts that don’t break the bank. Here are some great gift baskets to make for those people who work their tails off all year ’round....more

November Notes, Day 2

"One Hour" You're going to need a drink after this one... I sure did......more

8 Ways to Stay Healthy at a Desk Job

In college, I was an active person. It wasn’t that I worked out a lot or played sports, it was inadvertent, but true. It was roughly a 10-minute walk to my classes from the dorm I lived in, and the house I lived in during my junior and senior years; I typically made that walk several times per day. ...more
I realized finally that sitting at my desk all day was killing me! I'm not the "gym" type of ...more

Why We're Worth More than Our Work Clothes

For me, it all started when I was 11 years old. My parents and I had just moved to a suburb outside Ft. Worth, Texas, and it was my first day of sixth grade at a brand new school. Like every teen classic movie, the teacher sat me next to the resident mean girl who of course wanted nothing more than to take me under her wing and teach me how to be like the other popular girls in class. But first, she had to check the tag inside the back of my shirt. Limited Too: I passed....more

How I Turned My Side-Hustle into a Full Time Job

Somehow along the way it’s become standard operating procedure to have a side hustle on top of your full-time gig. As if you aren’t tired enough after your 40+ hour a week job, you’re generally expected to have something else to stand out. Perhaps it’s a natural progression for adults that grew up as super-charged kids who had countless extracurriculars from the time you were five. We’re used to being booked all hours of the day and night, so is it any wonder we’re taking on extra after hours work?...more

Working parents are suffering in silence

At 5 pm, I have been working for eight and a half hours. I probably don't even know what time it is. In fact, I am probably in a meeting, since I work for a bicoastal company and it is only 2 pm on the other coast. (That tends to be a popular meeting time.) ...more