Please go home, Mom

Sometimes, I work late. It's not intentional, but things happen, and I work a little later than I originally intended to. It's not frequent, as I am a huge advocate of the work/life balance for my employees, and I believe in setting a good role model for them and showing them that I don't work late (at least not very often)....more

Ostriches and Arthurs

 Why does it? I like many other people work everyday in pain, I try desperately hard to try to not show it, nothing will keep me from doing what I love and  honestly do believe that working hard and doing what I do makes me a healthier person..  I'm STRONGER than my new friend Arthur! Here's part of my story. ...more
Frustrating isn't it, thanks for reading. Xmore

School Run Shenanigans

When one of the mums at school said to me this morning, ‘You know I find this to be the most stressful part of the day.’ I found myself agreeing with her.As a working mum I have always considered getting to my desk at work the most relaxing part of my day. No really! This will be a revelation to anyone who has only themselves to get ready in the mornings but believe me, it’s true! And now with the school run part of my daily routine this is still very much the case....more

Could You Work With Your Spouse?

I am spoiled. For several years I worked with my husband at the same company and now we work only a few blocks apart. This means that I am used to being able to have lunch with my wonderful husband on a frequent basis and that neither of us has to go out of our way to spend time together in the middle of the day....more
Yes. My husband and I met at work and still work together . Same company different departments. ...more

Life After Work: Day-Walkers

As I transition away from the world of full-time employment, I can’t help but be mystified by the differences between night living and day living.If I went to the grocery store in the past, it was only at night or on weekends. Now I can go to the store at 1:00 p.m. on a Wednesday, and I can’t help but notice that the people roaming the streets are a bit … different....more

5 Awesome Things About Our Stay-At-Home Days

I’m a full-time working mom. While it’s not ideal, it is what it is – at least for now. More and more often though, I’m finding myself requesting off on weekdays. And while I’m at it… Well, apparently I’m also confusing the crap out of everyone who can’t figure out why I’m shaking things up a bit and sometimes taking off Tuesday or Wednesday, instead of Saturday. Go figure.Um, because I can…...more

I just want to pee alone

So a girl walks into a bathroom (I know, you thought I was going to say bar, didn’t you) … not a swanky powder room, but a restroom – you know, like in an office building that houses roughly 3,000 of your coworkers on any given day. Yea. One of those bathrooms. One with twelve stalls, six sinks, a couple of full length mirrors and, for some odd reason or another, a scale....more

Operation: June Cleaver

Sally Edelstein...more

Eight Ways Parenting Is Like Working in Retail

This post originally appeared on Recently I was having a very circular argument with one of my children, trying to get him to use logic and reason instead of going into Hulk mode which includes a lot of stomping, yelling, and throwing of things....more

Taking work stress home

My son loves my office. On the few occasions I've taken him to visit, he received lots of attention from my coworkers, treats, hot chocolate and got to play with the stuff at everyone's desk. He calls my coworkers "his coworkers" and requests to talk to them on the phone sometimes....more