On Returning Back to Work

A friend of mine is returning to work after her lovely long maternity leave with her gorgeous baby girl. As I’ve been through it, hell and all, recently enough and have come out the other side a better (but more exhausted) woman, I thought there were a few words of wisdom that I could pass along. With a ton of help from many other better experienced blogger Mama’s than I am....more

Paying Off Debt

It's been eighteen days since my last blog post. It feels like forever, but Wordpress spells it out. Eighteen days. And as I ready myself for bed, longing for a goodnight sleep before the workweek begins again (my employer gave us President's Day off, Yea!), I know that sleep will win out over posting a well written blog. Even with a three day weekend, I other things took priority over writing. Writing takes discipline I'm not finding right now, for that, anyway....more

5 Tips on going from work to the playground in style

We all have seen her. She always looks so stylish and put together that it is hard to tell if she is going somewhere amazing or coming back. Her shoes are always fabulous despite the fact that she is running around with her kid. This rare species can usually be found with her young at the playground or school pick-ups and drop-offs....more

Soccer Mom or Kidnapper

One of the really fun things about being a writer is having a great imagination. As with so many things, the great thing is also a terrible thing, and that holds true for having a great imagination as well. I can vividly imagine what it will be like when I sell my first book, or the places I will travel as a writer, or what the life would have been like 800 years ago when I sit on a hillside in England.I can also imagine, in vivid detail, what might happen when the client that I've never met, and whose house I am on the way to, turns out to be a kook....more

3 Pitfalls of Flexible Work Arrangements & How to Avoid Them

In early spring 2013, I formally requested a flexible work arrangement from my employer. I had been back at work for three months following maternity leave, and I had been using vacation time to take off one day a week. I was hoping for an agreement that would allow me to go part-time for at least a year.My request was not unprecedented. My organization has a policy that allows full-time employees to go part-time for up to two years (with a reduction in salary) while maintaining full-time status....more
Good suggestions.  I recently requested to go to part-time down from full-time.  My employer has ...more

Trying to stay off the "mommy track" at work

As mentioned in the past, I work for a great company with a great group of people. There are a lot of women on my team, and there are a lot of mothers. We understand what it means to be a working parent: We watch one another's backs and fill in when family emergencies arise....more

i ate it all

On a regular week I am at work Monday to Friday from 9-5.I pack my breakfast, lunch and sensible snacks and eat like a lady. (Okay, my legs may be flailed open but it's not like I'm wearing a skirt and being all Belushi-like.)...more

Baby Steps To Change

Sweet little Lebowski is currently learning to walk.  He takes 2 small wobbly steps, falls, cries... and starts over again.  He picks himself up, concentrates, takes 8 more steps, then falls on his butt.  It's quite adorable, but I can only guess how frustrating and challenging it must be for him....more

What happens in your teen's (and preteen's) brain when you nag/criticize

First, let me say that I used the word "nag" because that's the word they used in the article. I think it's got some unfair negative connotations behind it, but let's ignore the semantics for a minute.A group from 3 universities (Harvard, U of Pittsburg and U of California-Berkeley) looked at the brains of 32 healthy pre-teens and teens while they listened to 2 30-second clips. Of the 32 participants, 22 were girls. One clip was the mom "nagging" and the other was the mom just talking about "irrelevant boring stuff like grocery shopping."...more

A Letter to My Daughters on the Eve of My Return to Work

I write you a letter each year on your birthdays and for big milestones – like the first days of preschool and when you became sisters. This letter memorializes a new milestone. I am going back to work full-time after five years staying home with you. I am standing at the threshold that all working mothers before me have crossed. A crossroads filled with mixed emotions – ambivalence, worry, heartbreak, excitement, relief. Many have no choice but to cross it as soon as their maternity leave ends. I’ve had the unexpected, good fortune of delaying it until the time was right....more