Office Supplies I'm Loving

I am a complete office supply nerd. Back to school displays? LOVE THEM. I get all geeked about pens and notebooks and cute paperclips. Maybe it’s because I am paper-and-pencil kind of girl – I still handwrite notes and outline blog posts on paper. Or maybe it is because I am a complete Type A individual who loves things to be organized, categorized, and color-coded. Whatever the reason, I am a true office supply geek. ...more

Life of a Solo Mama

At the entrance of our home there is a sign that reads,"Happy is what we make it. Always has been, always will be." Ironically the sign sits atop a coat hanger that is used mostly on rainy or cold, dreary days. It serves as a positive daily reminder to focus less on what appears to be "wrong" or missing in our lives and more on the many blessings we take part in everyday as a family. ...more

Perfection is Bogus

Honestly, the idea of perfection is bogus. If I thought I was the perfect anything I would stop learning, perfecting, and evolving in my roles at home and at work. I can strive to be the best in all that I do but I will never truly be perfect. There is always something new to master. I would also imagine that perfection is boring, static. You are at the top so there is no where else to go.  ...more

The In-Betweeners

I feel like there are a lot of us out there.  The women that had extraordinary childhoods with incredible mothers who told us we could rule the world.  The hardest part for me becoming a mom was the absolute fear that I wouldn’t be as good as my mom.  It was/is terrifying.  My mom decided to stay home with me after I was born.  She was planning on going back to work but quickly told my dad that she just couldn’t do it.  On paper it financially wasn’t going to work out.  But they prayed and somehow all ends met.  We grew up in the traditional sense....more
MariaTomas-Keegan Reading your comment this morning touched my heart.  Thank you so much for ...more

Working vs. Staying home : The impact on children
Thanks for sharing your pros and cons. This is a topic I struggle with ALOT!more

The Rush

It's 7am. Ale, my two year old son, is awake and asking for Caillou and water. I'm looking at the clock and want more time in bed. Ale must be at the daycare at 8. The race begins. My heart is pounding. Getting ready in the morning under time restrains with a toddler is my high pressure moment and I don't do well. At work as a nurse my patient can crash but this is when my "on"switch flips. I'm ready. I pull through calm and composed. In the morning on the way to daycare I'm wriled up and sweating.  ...more

Juggling the School Holiday

I cannot be the only one...who, as a working mama, associates school holidays with a mad scramble to find someone to watch their child; making phone calls calling in favors, while dropping discreet reminders of something you did for that person in the recent past. Harboring hopes that the person you decide to ask will offer their assistance before you have to resort to begging and making future promises of your services when needed....more

Surprising Myself with a Career vs Family Decision

I’m a hard worker. When it comes to my professional life, I work my butt off. I’ve always been that way and figured why do something halfway when I can do it and be the BEST at it? Yeah, in case you forgot… I’m very Type A....more

Being a Working Mom

Making the choice to become a mom is an important and quite difficult - do you go back to work after the baby is born or become a stay at home mom. ...more

11 Things That Prove You're a Parent

It’s been a rough couple of weeks at the Brody house. Four stubborn teeth are taking their sweet time breaking through Brynna’s gums which only adds to her discomfort. Oh, and we are starting to wean, and learn to drink milk from a sippy cup. A lot is going on at one time and we are all paying the consequences. Although we love the extra cuddles Brynna has been giving these past few weeks, the waking up in the middle of the night and her refusal to sleep in her crib is not so great....more