Surprising Myself with a Career vs Family Decision

I’m a hard worker. When it comes to my professional life, I work my butt off. I’ve always been that way and figured why do something halfway when I can do it and be the BEST at it? Yeah, in case you forgot… I’m very Type A....more

Being a Working Mom

Making the choice to become a mom is an important and quite difficult - do you go back to work after the baby is born or become a stay at home mom. ...more

11 Things That Prove You're a Parent

It’s been a rough couple of weeks at the Brody house. Four stubborn teeth are taking their sweet time breaking through Brynna’s gums which only adds to her discomfort. Oh, and we are starting to wean, and learn to drink milk from a sippy cup. A lot is going on at one time and we are all paying the consequences. Although we love the extra cuddles Brynna has been giving these past few weeks, the waking up in the middle of the night and her refusal to sleep in her crib is not so great....more

I Need a Wife

I'm on my fourth week of working graveyard at my new job. Total reality change in every way. Becoming a day sleeper is completely altering the rhythms of rest, hunger and productivity. In other words, I sleep weird hours, I'm hungry at odd times (2a.m. is my new lunch hour!) and my house is getting kinda grungy, though I feel quite accomplished that I managed to sweep up the kitchen and dining room today....more

Try Something New

Ok, I will be the first to admit that I am a creature of habit. I drive the same way to my favorite Starbucks every single time I go and order the exact same thing.  Grande nonfat mocha, no whip.  I decided that last week it was time for me to try something new. I am not a big cook, so trying a new recipe was too stressful. Heck, I can barely manage the seven things I already know how to cook. I am also not a big fashionista so taking on a new look like a meat dress was not going to happen either. Instead, I settled on a hot yoga class at a local Core Power studio....more

No really... thank you!

     Apparently I work with a bunch of board certified OB/GYNs and I didn't realize it.  They give such great advice... and I get to hear it day in and day out.  Lucky me.  I guess my Ivy League Educated OB was just talking out of her ass when she gave me my November due date because, according to my work-sperts, I am not going to make it past September.  Good thing I asked them!  Oh wait... I didn't?  Well, nothing is more appreciated than advice given by random folks I occasionally see in the hallway. ...more

Is it a fact of life that all Moms will feel guilty whether they work full-time or stay at home?

I’M SO TIRED OF PEOPLE FEELING SORRY FOR ME THAT I WORK FULL-TIME. HOW CAN I EXPLAIN THAT IT WORKS FOR ME?photocreditMOLLY: The reader also asked how she can talk about her choice to work full-time and not get defensive about it....more

Summertime blues

I started working full time in May. Before this I was a substitute teacher for 3 years. When I started with this company about 20 months ago, I was only part time, and then the work became too much, so I went to full time. It has been hard balancing work with kids schedules and maintaining the home, but it helps that I get to work mostly from home. I can put in a load of laundry or walk the dog, but sometimes I don't stop working. Like when my email dings at 8 pm. There are definately ups and downs of a stay at home job. ...more

I'm a PWM (Proud Working Mom)!

I am a PWM. (That's a Proud Working Mother for all of you out there.) Period. End of sentence. It may come as shock for some but there is no, "...but if I could afford it, I'd stay home." That's it. A PWM. Let that sink in. And you know what else? Even if I could afford it I wouldn't stay home with my kids. There! I said it! No guilt, no shame, just the truth. ...more
I want a t-shirt with this on it!more

Just a Peek Into A Working Mama's Thursday

Yesterday, I thought my brain was too tired to blog. So I didn’t. I spent nearly two hours trying to put my baby to bed and then fell asleep on the couch. And then tonight I was even MORE exhausted than I was yesterday. Funny how a lack of sleep builds up after a while, eh? Yeah. Anyway – today, after working all day, I accomplished the following things:...more