Love Where You Live

I think I’ve mentioned that we have a retail store in downtown Glens Falls called Nine Authentic Goods. If you go and do things like read the shipping information, you might catch little wisps of my writing....more

So Happy Together

This past Monday I clocked in 7.75 hours of vacation and spent the day with Parker. Praise the Lord from whom all blessing flow that someone saw it fitting for the Presidents of our United States to have a day to honor them and call it a holiday....more

Women's Networking Groups~ or~ Do Men Do That?!

 I believe in networking, especially with other women. Great to meet other entrepreneurial and creative women, get new ideas, etc, plus it gets me out of my basement studio and out into public. ...more
I luv this and have this same exact opinion!!! Thank youmore

'It's not about the Money!' - Sound off from semi working mom

This just in from reader Jamie Croft, former Talent Acquisition Recruiter, semi stay-at home mom here in the States to a three year old boy and just getting her feet wet back into her career....more

This Whole Working Mothers Are Happier Thing

Last week, one of my favorite bloggers wrote a post for babble, basically kicking anderson cooper in the teeth for reopening a debate it seems that women have worked tirelessly to get beyond ... Who works harder? Working mothers or stay at home mothers? and Dr. Drew (who i usually have a lot of love for) also had a show that also addressed the question of stay at home vs working mothering. ...more
This is so interesting because "feel better" is the title of the article, which makes the ...more

Drop Off

It started seven years ago with an infant and a sitter, then there was a carpeted corridor in a church preschool, and onto a sunny walk ending at the front steps of the elementary school. The second time doing the each of those for the first time hurt all over again....more

Momprenuer Moments - Completely unplugged family time

Everyday I wear so many hats…I’m a mom to a beautiful 5 year old girl, a partner to a fantastic man, a business owner (and therefore marketer, accountant, secretary and more), a photographer, an employee (part-time lab tech for Black’s Photography), a housekeeper, a chauffer, a cook, and more! ...more

Kids: From Infatuation for Frustration in Under Five Minutes

The other night, I was putting my three-year-old to bed. I had turned down all the lights, we had brushed our teeth, and I was trying to get him in his PJs. He was anything but sleepy, and he squirmed away from me and did a silly dance around the room. I watched him and laughed out loud. He was so full of life and so funny, singing a nonsense song and cracking himself up. We laughed for a bit, and then I reached out to him, “Ok, honey, time to get on our PJs.” But he squirmed away from me again....more

There’s Only One Rule: They Have to Be Alive When I Get Home

This morning I got up at an hour I wish I had never seen (but unfortunately as a mother I have seen it far too many times to count), called a cab, dressed myself in my working mommy uniform, grabbed my suitcase and headed out on my first business trip for my new job. This trip is momentous because for the first time ever I am leaving my husband for 48 hours with our three kids ALONE....more
Try doing less so that your husband will step up to the plate to do more. He'll never learn to ...more

Even Mommies Make Mistakes

The other night, very late, I brought our three-year-old into bed with us in hopes that he would be able to fall asleep. We lay there for a while in the darkness, and I stroked his hair as I held him. I could tell that he was tired, but he wouldn’t give in to sleep, so I finally decided to tuck him into his own bed. I gently picked him up, and he laid his head on my shoulder, and as we walked out of the room, I hit his head on the doorjamb....more