A Working Mom's Juggle

Come one, come all--to the working mom's juggling act that is my life. Will I survive the day? No ticket needed so sit back, relax and read on to find out...It was a cold and overcast February morning. They had called for a 1/2" of snow overnight so I look outside, hoping for a 2 hour delay because I'm still recovering from the Super Bowl. Not a hangover, by any stretch of the imagination--I just can't handle staying up past my 9:00 bedtime. Drat, not a single, solitary flake so there was no climbing back into bed for me!...more

On The Road Again

I love my job - and this time I'm talking about the one I'm actually paid to do! ...more

How to Negotiate for Flextime (Video)

Negotiating for a flexible time arrangement can make or break the sanity scales as a working women, especially if you're a mother. Yet, you know why flextime would be a plus, but you have to sell the idea to your organization. Here's a video excerpt that can support you in doing just that. ...more

Hey, Dance Teacher! Parents Work!

My cell phone rang yesterday at 3pm. I was in a meeting so I didn’t pick up the voicemail until 3:45. The message was from my daughter’s dance instructor. She was letting me know that my daughter’s 6pm Thursday dance class, was changing to a 5pm Thursday dance class, effective that night. In one hour and 15 minutes. Really? What if, like me, my husband took a 6:15 train home from the city?...more
@disenchant I can't imagine having a kid under 10 having a 7 pm class. When do they sleep?more

Why Working Moms Still Need to “Admit” They Miss Their Children.

An article recently caught my eye about new mom Giuliana Rancic of E-news. She “admitted” how hard it was to leave her 11-week-old baby to go back to work and that she cried. She stated that although it was really hard she is just doing what most moms do.She is right. She is doing what many moms’ do. ...more

All My Friends are Online

I’m not sure what I thought parent/adulthood would be like. I imagined a husband, kids, a job, managing finances, buying cars… you know, the stuff commercials are made of. I never imagined that it would be hard(er) to maintain friendships and even hard(er) to make new friends. What was I thinking? Sometimes friendships as an adult seem downright impossible. ...more
I feel very much the same way! I moved 5+ hours from all my friends and I still struggle 4 years ...more

Marine turned Stay At Home Mom

I've been dreaming about being a stay at home mom for YEARS now.I can still remember the day I dropped off my SIX week old at daycare.I remember bawling my eyes out all the way to work, and bawling my eyes out some more AT work in front of all my coworkers.It doesn't help when all your coworkers are macho Marines, and you're the only female Marine amongst them. Eve...more

I Don't Feel Like a Good Mom

"You're a good mom." I've heard it many times. My mom, my husband, therapists, coworkers, friends, aunts, grandma -- even my in-laws have said it several times. "You're a good mom." They say it and all I think about are those times when I yell. Or the times I turn on a movie so that I can write post, browse Pinterest or just have a few minutes of peace while I make dinner. ...more
@Finding Rebecca good point. Instead of fighting about who has the best football player child or ...more

This Better Be a Real Emergency, Or So Help Me!

We are in the middle of a very busy season of our lives. Yesterday morning, I was canning before work, making cucumber relish. (I'll share pictures at another time) We are canning or harvesting every weekend. We have animals, and we are preparing fencing and animal shelters to bring in more....more

The Anatomy of Mommy-Guilt