Some thoughts I had to get out, even though it's none of my beeswax...

The other morning morning I saw on my Facebook feed that Marissa Mayer had been appointed the new CEO of Yahoo at six months pregnant, and many are hailing the move as progressive, open minded and all around sweet-smelling, Hip, Hip Hooray, now ain't that wonderful?  And all that jazz.Aw, that's really amazing they hired her even though she's growing a person in her womb right now!  Well don't they deserve a gold star!  Yay, forward thinking corporate business types!...more

about Mondays

It’s so cliche to have an opinion about Monday.So much so that I feel kind of dumb admitting to having any feelings whatsoever about it.Dumb is okay, though, so I’ll just go ahead and say…...more

Apple sauce and bbq turkey meatballs

Yes, you read that right.  Apple sauce and BBQ sauce.  In meatballs. It’s seriously the most delicious combination that I’ve ever tried....more

My Workplace

Finley clung to me this morning, her little chin wrinkled with lines of worry as her jaw clenched and her eyes filled with tears.“I don’t wanna go to camp. I just want to be being with you on this day.”It was not the way I wanted the day to go. I wanted the three girls to go happily off to camp so that they could get the attention they needed, I could get things done and, in essence, everything would be smooth and controlled. I had to make a decision....more

Working Stiff

 It’s been two years, but it happened.I went back to work.Today was my first day, and I’m pretty sure once I’m not all derpy clueless and stumbly annoying, I’ll like it a great deal.Lucy left this morning with Josh, waving goodbye like it was the greatest day in the world....more

The Impossibility of Making It All Work

I suppose it’s to be expected that as we hurtle through graduations, funerals and deadlines, I’m a touch sentimental. The lump in my throat has come to be a constant companion -- nervous before a presentation? There it is, clawing its way up and trying to make me crack, tears stinging at my eyes. Quickly annoyance surges and I suppress the tears. Standing on the playground, hands ready to shadow the twisting torso as it moves along the monkey bars, then comes the shake of the head, the kick of the leg and away she goes, leaving my hands empty and my face burning. The lump in my throat roots me in place, keeps me from following along to give help where none is required. As she springs from the rungs I shake it off....more

Confessions Of A Multitasker

Last Friday, Elaine–my partner at $200K Freelancer–called me while I was in the middle of a trip with my daughter to the National Museum of Natural History’s Bug Zoo. We were talking about e-commerce plug-ins for the site.“Oooh,” yelled the crowd in the background. “Don’t mind that,” I said, or something similar. “The tarantula just ate the cricket.” ...more

Stay-at-Home-Moms vs. Working-From-Home-Moms: Who’s Telling Lies?

I recently received a pretty provocative inquiry from one of my followers, Megan, and I’m hoping you all can shed some light on this for her, because I’m unqualified to do anything other than make uninformed and judgmental speculations. Which of course I’ll do anyway.Here’s Megan’s question:...more
My Mom was working out at home cause she felt that she really want it (maybe for a time to relax ...more

In Our Shoes meets Jada Pinkett Smith who shares: ''Take those hours that you need. Without your passion, you won't feel alive.'

After attending the private movie screening of Madagascar 3, I asked actress Jada Pinkett Smith (she's the dancing hippo) what advice she could share with us working moms and mums who juggle a career during the day and second shift at home with our families. Video clip below of her emotionallly moving answer. ‘Picking up’ such an inspiring fierce spirit to bring back here to our female village, left me shaking; her words still resonate especially now given the Dream Shoe seminar programming underway. Enjoy....more

Time is not the Enemy