Back into the Woods...

A friend stopped by this week to borrow our double stroller, darling new baby in tow. They are headed to North Carolina for a Bluegrass Festival, to enjoy a long, soul stirring weekend of music and family. We had the usual conversation about feeding and sleeping until I made the unfortunate mistake of asking when she was going back to work.  If there is ever a time when mothers' faces looks exactly the same, it is when they are too near to the end of that precious allotment of time with their newborn....more

The Worst Thing You Can Say to a Working Mom

“I would never let someone else raise my children.” If you're a working mom, you've probably heard this sentence. Maybe you saw it in a Facebook post. Maybe you overheard someone saying it. Worst of all, maybe someone said it to your face....more
MsKatrina You're absolutely right.more

5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Small Business

With Spring being the season for new life, there’s no better time to give your small business a freshen-up and reignite your enthusiasm for it again. You start out the year so positive for the months ahead, and before you know it it’s April and you’re wrapped up in admin with your new-year motivation lost amongst the clutter of your desktop…Here are five ways to spring clean your business and energize yourself in the process.Oh, and it doesn’t involve even touching a vacuum cleaner – hurry! Keianna Rae HarrisonMEO, Mompreneur Ink...more

Join the Mompreneur Ink Small Business Challenge Facebook Group

Are you a Mom who wants to start, grow, develop or sustain a small or home-based business while networking and supporting other‪#‎Mompreneurs‬? Do you have an idea for a small or home-based business you want to bring to life?...more

How to Make Mom Friends

Being a new mom can be lonely. Literally one minute you’re not a mom and the next you have this living thing that you have to feed and care for and keep alive — all while your hormones fluctuate wildly and the number of hours you sleep plummets. Then, a few weeks after your baby is born, your partner heads back to work, family members clear out, and you’re left alone in your home for eight-hour stretches at a time (or more) with a tiny creature who communicates by screaming.It’s time to make mom friends....more

8 Easy Tips to Balance Parenting and Blogging

I have been known to spend too much time on the computer. The phrase my husband tells me is "unplug yourself." But it's important for bloggers to spend time with their family. It is easy to get swallowed up by your blog and all the work it takes. I sometimes consider it job. I sometimes would rather be at home trying to make money by working on the blog instead of being at work. Coworkers do not always understand what I am talking about when I talk about my blog. Maybe only other bloggers can understand blog talk. So this is how I structure my post-work blogging time. ...more
I ignore my kid a lot. He is pretty self sufficient though.more

Why I Can't Stand Stay at Home Moms

It’s an age old battle: Working Moms Vs. Stay at Home Moms.  Who works harder, who is the better parent, whose kids will turn out better?  Yikes, now we are bringing the kids into it.  I don’t know about you, but I am sick of it.  Before I put my armour down I am going to say it.  I can NOT stand stay at home moms....more
As a stay at home mom, I can tell you it isn't a walk in the park.  It's hard to cherish every ...more

The Guilty Conscience: I Work Therefore I Am Neglectful

“It’s fine. You have to work…again. Maybe we’ll snuggle tomorrow.”My daughter said it in a way that let me know it most certainly was not fine. For being only nine years old, she sure has mastered how to lay on the guilt in a flawlessly passive-aggressive way, without knowing what passive-aggressive even means....more

3 TED Talks for Working Moms

1. "The Surprising Trait That's MUCH More Important Than IQ"--Angela Lee Duckworth does a TED Talk on the importance of grit to success. 2. "In Honor of Procrastination" by Michelle Vandepas - This 17-minute TedX talk is about the positive side of "just being" instead of constantly trying to be busy....more