5 top professions for new moms

So you have just had a baby, you are bleary eyed, and massively sleep deprived to say the least. In the US, at about 6-weeks, your paid-maternity leave ends and its time for you to head or rather wander back to work. At this point, you really wish you had chosen one of the more ‘family friendly professions’.  When thinking about a top profession for a mom, I would consider flexibility as a key factor....more
This is a really good list, and something for women to consider. I would also suggest thinking ...more

Confession: I Really Don't Need More Hours In A Day

I'm embarrassed to even murmur about there not being enough hours in a day when there are working women with children that not only get themselves ready for work but feed/dress their kids, knock out a few household chores and drop the kids off at daycare/school before they arrive at work. I find myself to be a complete liar when I say I don't have time to exercise when it's not uncommon for me to see a coworker jogging during their lunch hour while I, on the other hand, use that time to eat. ...more
 @keeksaz You probably also notice how much more you can get done after you've had sometime to ...more

Dear Hilary Rosen: The Luxurious Life of the Stay at Home Mom

By now everyone has heard about the comment made by Democratic Strategist Hilary Rosen about Ann Romney, in which she states that Mrs. Romney “has never worked a day in her life.”...more
Great piece! I so agree that whatever the work mothers do, whether they stay at home or go to an ...more

The Call for Women to Help Women

Today marks the 101st celebration of Women's day globally. Last year, I reminded us to examine how far we have come, and how far we still have to go....more

Balance-Schmalance: Just Take a Business Trip!

I’m always looking for a way to have a little time to myself. And one of the truly bizarre truths of being a working mom is that business trips = time to myself. I’ve been at the BlogHer offices in California all this week. First of all, it’s truly great to see co-workers who are mostly just voices on the telephone or words in my email. But second? I got up yesterday and the day before and this morning and exercised for 45 minutes!...more
There is NOTHING better than aloneness in a hotel. I watch the Today show while getting dressed ...more

Waving The White Flag: Working Moms vs. Stay at Home Moms

The minute I read the title of this Forbes.com article Why Working Mothers Makes Us Angry I was pissed off, I went immediately into my “Working Mother” safe house with clenched fists, armor drawn, and my artillery ready to fire of...more

Brit Maternity Leave: Blessing or a Curse?

Make no bones about it, when US women return to their careers in corporate after a mere 12 week maternity leave pass, the new 'F' word dripping from their mouth  is 'flextime' and the best part? They’ll get it.Not so the case, it seems, for our career minded work mums across the pond in Britain. British working mums fall behind in their careers after babies due to several factors.. More from my column on London's Here is the City......more

Interview with a Rainmaker

Jeanne Peterson has broken all barriers when it comes to realizing the personal and professional life she wanted. Read on for her powerful interview where she dishes on how hitting the glass ceiling early on in her career ignited her to “throw away the paradigm“ and start living by her own rules....more

Do Working Moms Raise Healthier Kids?

If you’re a working mother like me, you may have noticed a few raised eyebrows from time to time. I was only five weeks postpartum when I had to go back to my work as an OB/GYN physician, and you’d have thought I had murdered my infant the way some women looked at me. (“How dare she? How selfish of her. But just wait - that child will be totally messed up one day.”)...more

I Left A Tenured Academic Position, But I Am Not A Goner: A Working/Parenting Post By Anne G. Sabo

I didn’t leave a tenured position as a college professor to “stay at home” with my child and “not work.” I left because I felt my body scream against the thought of not being with my child, and because I wanted to write. I wanted to write, and not the kind of clever academic wrangle appraised by peers. I wanted to write something of meaning, for myself and for those who care. ...more
We are all working mothers, right? Feminism gave us this gift of choice, and now we sit and ...more