Career tips from a workin' mama

All things being perfect, equal-opportunity workplaces would really be equal opportunity, regardless of race or gender. But the world's not a perfect place.I had an opportunity today to speak on a public relations panel to a group of students in a class that I was in myself about eight years ago, and it started me thinking how much I really love my job as a communication specialist in media relations at the very university and in the very college where I received my undergraduate degree....more

A Stay-At-Home Mom Shares Gratitude—For All Moms

I have a confession to make: Most days at 4 pm I rush around the house tossing toys into baskets and sippy cups into the dishwasher. I dress myself and the ladies, put on a little mascara, and cram something in the oven. Then, 30 minutes later, when Louis comes in the door from work, everything is all put-together, June Cleaver-style. Reality? ...more
Big is always nice to know my tupperware isn't the only one laying out on the floor....more

Feeling guilty....

A capacity for guilt seems to define our sense of what it is to be human: on this psychoanalysis and the Judaeo-Christian religions agree…And anyone who invents an alternative story about all this will be taken to be trying to avoid guilt, to be immature, utopian or psychopathic.– Adam Phillips...more

Supermoms Are Overrated

A new study from the University of Washington in Seattle finds that while working outside the home is good for mothers’ mental health, so-called “supermoms” have higher rates of depression than those working moms who are willing to let go of their expectations of perfection at home and at work. “Supermoms” who set the unattainable goal of being perfect are more likely to be depressed, the study found. ...more
I can totally relate...we all wish we could have it all. The answer: we already do :)more

At War With Ourselves

You hear a lot about the mommy wars. You hear about stay-at-home moms criticizing working moms for their choices. You hear about working moms criticizing stay-at-home moms for their choices. And we believe that a mommy war really exists, because the media tells us so. But does it really? I have been on both sides of this so-called war....more

Working Mom Syndrome

I'm a stay-at-home-mom in the sense that I don't leave to go to an office. I don't drop K off at daycare (though I did for a while when we had easy access to an absurdly affordable caregiver and only one mortgage to pay).  I don't have to call my boss and explain why I won't be there when K is sick, or spend money on a work wardrobe, or deal with a commute in crappy weather. I do, in fact, stay at home. ...more

What Indra Nooyi's Daughter Taught Me At BlogHer '11

Yep, I thought to myself. I can do it all. I can be a good wife and mom, keep the house clean and have my dream career. I am woman. HEAR ME ROAR. And then my seven-year-old daughter said something the other night that shot all my smug thoughts straight to hell. “This summer has been really hard on me,” she said quietly as I tucked her into bed. “I think summer is my least favorite time of year.” “What do you mean it’s been hard on you?” I asked her. “You’ve had a great summer!” “It’s hard for me because I don’t get to see you as often as I do the rest of the year,” she said. My face fell....more
Really love it...We should never carry the guilt factor in us...its one life to follow the ...more

Taking Obese Children From Their Parents

Recently, Harvard University child obesity expert Dr. David Ludwig advocated for the removal of severely obese children from their homes. An estimated two million children in the United States would qualify for this government intervention. Say what?...more
Cite your source on "overweight infants are almost always developmentally delayed." I was an ...more

Who's the Real You? Google+ vs. Facebook vs. Twitter

Eureka. I have solved a problem and my salvation appears to be Google+, the new social networking tool that is currently invitation-only from Google. Google+ is to social networking as a six-burner gas stove with pancake grill attachment is to making the most heavenly meal of the day: Breakfast....more
@mashadutoit No, I hadn't. Thanks! more

Free to Be!

I celebrated America’s 235th birthday yesterday- ahh, Independence Day!  Amidst the spectacular fireworks display, I looked around me and saw all ethnic groups, all religions, all getting along.  Freedom at its finest....more