4 Steps To Shatter The Working Mom Glass Ceiling

In 2007 when I heard the words “fortunately we don’t legally have to offer you maternity leave” I panicked.This was my dream position for the next step in my career. My about to be new employer had just said those words to me after I discovered I was pregnant.I saw a glimpse into my future as a working mom trying to advance her career. My work or my kids.I was afraid of what I saw....more

Insert Awkward Silence *Here*

It happens to me every time I am explaining what I do to one of my friends, an acquaintance, family members, or a friend of a family member. I tell people I am working, that's not bullshit. I feel like I am working. I spend hours in front of my computer working on all things that relate to Proud Working Moms - dreaming up ways to help all of the legions of hard working moms. My goal is to help encourage, inspire, and make our fellow PWM's smile. It seems simple enough and worthy of support from those around me. Yet this is how the conversation always goes:...more

Living In The Present

Time goes by so quickly that you sometimes can't remember where you've been. It's not until you stop, that you realize how far you've traveled. Life does not wait for anyone, including yourself. It moves much too quickly for us all. But there are important moments that need to be savored a little longer than most. But how do you make these special times last? It's by experiencing the moment with your mind, body, and soul. Acknowledging how special your life is at this time. Whether you remember this exact moment is not important for it has been imprinted within your spirit....more

What Now?

I'm not just remotely Type A. I am predominantly a Type A personality.For those who don't know, Type As are known for being ambitious, organized, driven and, yes, even a bit competitive. We are proactive, hate indecision, despise wasting time and just want to get to the point, so we can get to the next thing on our to-do list.So imagine, someone like me now living without days full of meetings, lists, tasks and action items. Well, it hasn't reached that point yet, but I am about to find out what that's like....more

Be Good to Your Server: She Could Have Been Me

Working at night is not for the faint of heart. It's heartbreaking to miss bedtimes, homework, and football practices. For two years, I watched my baby all day, and when my big kids came home from school, I had to put on the apron and rush out the door to my waitress job. ...more
aw - very sweet post!  i don't have kids, but i know the trials and tribulations of being a ...more

Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer: "Lean In" and Get Your Butt to the Office!

Lean in! Take charge! No fear! Out with flex-time! In with face time! ...more
Women who want to work, have a family and basically have it all are caught between a rock and a ...more

Working Mom Must-Haves

When Lulu was a baby and I went back to work, I (like everything else I did when Lu was a baby) had no clue what I was doing. I didn’t know where to look for resources or advice on how to balance having a career and motherhood, so I made up the rules as I went along. I suppose it worked out, but it definitely wasn’t easy. ...more

Family Medical Leave Act 20 Year Anniversary

Anyone with common sense would agree that healthy families are essential to a robust economy. That’s why it’s worth celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Family Medical Leave Act on February 5; one of the most significant advances for working families in our nation’s history....more
My mom recently lost her job taking care of my sick grandmother. She was days away from ...more

Working at Home With a Baby

I did a post before about my crazy daily schedule on the days that I go to work. A few people have requested that I write a post about how I manage working at home while taking care of a baby. I’ve been thinking about it and it’s hard to describe exactly how my day goes, because every day is so different. In fact, yesterday I ended up having to work from home an extra day because my baby was sick and I didn’t feel comfortable sending him to daycare. Look at this face…even smiling when he feels like poop. ...more
Hah. Which is why I took most of the week off while JMP was here. I'm very glad my kids are ...more

Returnships: Great Opportunity or Cheap Labor?

A new trend is taking hold for people 40-plus returning to the workforce. It's called a returnship (a spin-off of the word internship, and trademarked by Goldman Sachs). ...more
How long did she do it as a volunteer? Surely not 6 months?more