Tips for Finding and Keeping Your Motivation

Tips for Finding and Keeping Your Motivation...more

Positive Female Relationships - Finding a Place of Encouragement

Female relationships can be complicated things. We live in a society that encourages us to compete with other women, to do whatever it takes to come out on top, and begs us to ask ourselves, "what's in it for us?"We're the selfie generation. Social media now makes us more concerned with things like FOMO  (fear of missing out) and good Instagram filters. We are queens of the humble brag. Our society is pushing away from positive female relationships and encouraging the focus to be put on us. ...more

Gym Update #3

First, a confession. I ended up not going to the gym last Friday. I was incredibly exhausted and was a bit wishy-washy about going. In the end, I didn't go, citing my pure exhaustion. Then, on Monday, I didn't go either. I did intend to go, but because I'd been hacked (post coming soon), a bank trip was necessary. Once that was over and dinner was eaten, I just didn't go. The timing was off....more

Gym Update #2

This week, we've all settled into a routine. After dinner, there's a little time for us all to hang out before Baby Boy and I head to the gym. Hun has noted the time for me and even asked if I were going this week. I know Baby Boy going with me to the gym helps Hun to get a few things done while we're gone, but his asking is supportive to me. Hun also does the dishes each night, without my asking, as a way to help and provide support for me working out again....more

Let's not keep score

Wow. So it's been a weird couple of days....more

The Yoga...Experience

Problem:So this is the new year, and you don't feel any different. So how do you actually reinvigorate your life without burning yourself out? My suggestion is to try only one or two new things at a time, and make sure those things are for  you. You can do other new things for your kids and your family, but have a few just for you. And introduce them slowly, so that you don't feel guilty or selfish (which you shouldn't anyway, but I know you) for doing them.Solution:...more

Cold Weather Running

How is the weekend over already?  Normally, I have Mondays off, but with the Thanksgiving holiday and wanting to have off on Friday, I am adjusting my work schedule a little bit and having an extra long weekend :-)...more

Taking an exercise inventory

Part of the focus of the second week's tasks in The Beck Diet Solution (which I've been writing about here, if you'd like to catch up) is to begin tackling the dreaded E word: Exercise. ...more
Linda Anselmi Thank you so much, Linda! I've managed to increase it to 10, so soon there'll be ...more

The different types of people at the gym

In order to keep my butt from expanding any further, I torture myself by going to the gym.  I figure the gym memebership is cheaper than the second seat on the airplane I would have to purchase if I keep indulging in French onion dip....more

Getting in Shape

As a new mom how do you get back into shape? I need to tone up and start working out again but how do you find time? Camryn doesn't nap for more than an hour and half (sometimes less ) a day and is up by 6:30. Does everyone wait til the baby is asleep and work out after? Do they go to the gym with day care?  How do you find the energy? After a long day with a toddler and doing therapy and running all over the place with Camryn I can't seem to find the energy to want to work out.