Why You Should Use Squat Pyramids to Quickly Improve Your Squat

Pyramid training is nothing new. Athletes and gym-goers have used it in some type of variation for as long as there have been barbells and dumbbells.The format that can be used is nearly endless, and can be used not only for squats, but for improving your bench press, jumps squats, or just about anything else you want to work on in the gym.  ...more

7 Things You Can Do Today for More Effective Workouts

When we think about getting in better shape the temptation is to always think more.More workouts. More time at the gym. More reps. More sets. More, more, more.But not many of us have more time to devote to working out. We are already spending a sizable amount of time at the gym, and would prefer to see better results from the energy and time already spent working out.Here are 7 things you can do to get better results from your workout routine without spending an extra minute in the gym:...more

New month. New start.

August just started, which wipes the slate clean for another 31 days. With each new month, we get another opportunity to build a new, healthy habit, break an old, bad habit, try new things and find ways to grow and learn.I can’t believe it’s already August. This year is seemingly flying by, and it feels like I was just celebrating New Years, and then just celebrating my birthday. Now here we are, kids are getting ready to go back to school and fall is right around the corner (yay!)....more

Boost Your Motivation By Spicing Up Your Workouts

If you are anything like me, you dread your workout all day. Not only that, but while you are working out you are wishing it was over already. I really dislike the act of working out, but I absolutely love the feeling of pride and satisfaction after I’m done. Once you push through and defy your own laziness, you get a newfound feeling of willpower and determination. The problem is, how do you make working out more enjoyable?...more

I Avoid Traditional Exercise

I’ve had a lifelong, hate-hate relationship with exercise. I feel exactly the same way about  it as I did about breastfeeding: no matter how many scientific studies I read, my body didn’t get the memo it was supposed to feel good. ...more

Tears, Fears and PMS

 I stared down the snowy slope, forcing back the tears. The white chute angled away from me, dropping into a steep, harrowing descent. “No, no, no, no, no, no,” my brain screamed as my legs buckled beneath me, barely holding me up. My snowboard slid, and I grabbed desperately for my boyfriend’s arm. Incapacitated by fear, I could barely stand upright, let alone force my body to hurdle at breakneck speeds down a slope I knew for certain would, if not kill me, then leave me badly injured....more

6 Reasons You're Not Seeing Good Workout Results

You look in the mirror, and there are no visible changes. You're at a loss. Whenever you go to the gym, you feel like you're working harder than most of those gym rats in there, yet you don't see any progress. So what's the deal? I know that feeling, and it's a sucky one. Fortunately, there's hope! If the results aren't showing up like you've been hoping for, by simply making a tweak or two, you will finally begin to see all your hard work pay off. ...more
Katie Jenkins I broke my wrist so needed surgery for a plate. So had to ease back into weight ...more

3 Benefits of Working Out as a Family

If you've been trying to work out, eat healthier and change your lifestyle to that of something better, then it seems like we're living a life of similarity. Just within the past few weeks, I've put the junk food down and started working my body to it's max six days a week. (I'm doing Insanity, incase you're wondering!) So, I definitely know how hard it can be when you're trying to maintain a family, a household, a budget and change your lifestyle all within a day's work. It's hard. ...more

Who Can Convince Me That Working Out Is Fun?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I need to start exercising. It’s pathetic....more
GOOD FOR YOU!  You've taken the first step - you've said it out loud.  That makes it real. ...more

5 Reasons Why Athletes Make Awesome Moms

Time's up. Now that my 6-week postpartum hiatus is over, I have officially re-entered the world of sore muscles, sweat (not sweats—those never left the picture), and tennis shoes. Oh, yeah! There is just something thrilling about the feeling of sweating when it is NOT related to postpartum hormones wreaking havoc as they try to re-balance and causing me to sweat profusely at awkward times. ...more
Great points. I too am almost six weeks out and itching to get back to where I was. Started ...more