Truly, Those Were The Best Days Of My Life

This world famous song sung by Bryan Adams and released in 1985 touched the heart of millions across the globe. Three decades later also, we see people of six to sixty grooving to the tune of this number. Do you know why? It’s because everyone finds themselves in this song beautifully. Those past memories of school days, college days, and poolside of locality spent with best buddies refreshes our mind. Basically, friendship and our belongingness towards our friends make sigh and hum the lines, “those were the best days of my life, summer of 69”....more

A Wirelessly Connected World

After a  hot  sunny  week  the weather  had  suddenly   turned   cold .   Our  morning  commute  to the  school  felt drastically different  f rom last week . I wondered  how  it  will be once  the  daylight  savings   end .     Out of  the  blue  my teen  remarked -  "hasn't it  already ? It  feels  like  I  need  to  sleep more  in the  morning ". ...more

Waiting On The World To Change

        As a younger teen, it was often pointed out to me that I was very young. Still, I have wanted to make a change in my community for a while. This is something that has held on to my subconscious ever since. Part of why I started this blog is because I thought I could finally have people hear what I have to say as a woman, whether I am young or not. To have people read my blog means so much to me, because in a way it means someone is reading and respecting my opinion....more

The World.!

I like to wonder. Looking out from the window watching the world as it runs. People run from one thing towards another; competing with each other, devouring one another. That’s some times  overwhelming. But there’s no stopping them....more

A Creation Story of My Very Own

God created the World on His ninth birthday.  It was a dreary summer day, with heavy, unrelenting rain falling from thick grey clouds.His parents lavished Him with many outdoor gifts: a glider that you assemble from balsa wood; a brand new baseball mitt made from crisp virgin leather that smelled soothing and dreamy; a green and white kite made from thin, light-weight vinyl to name a few.  God was longing to go outside to play with them all, but His parents forbade Him owing to the rain....more


Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

The World

The world is scary. No, I mean SCARY. Not just headlines. Not just news. Not what’s trending. Not the latest gossip.True fear.True things that you didn’t think were out there in the world.True monsters.True sadness.True depth of sickness.True sheer terror from people.I see it on social media with my friends and family.I hear of it from others.Personal fear. Personal sadness. Personal....more

BREAKING NEWS: The Surprising Way You Can Change the World with One Simple Action (Infographic)

I’ve never traveled the world. In fact, I’ve never even ventured outside the United States. I know, it’s a little embarrassing to say out loud.But thank God for the internet and all the technology that allows us to connect worldwide each and every day.And it just makes me think…THERE IS SO MUCH OUT THERE IN THIS WORLD.Millions of people are living out their moments in time every day. By that fact alone, we are all so incredibly connected....more

The Best Pancakes From Around The World

Pancakes, regardless of whether you prefer them thin and crispy or thick and fluffy, are a food served at breakfast time in many different countries throughout the world. It is likely that you are familiar with them if you observe and celebrate Shrove or Fat Tuesday (the day before Lent starts, which is the period of fasting observed by Christians that leads on to Easter). However, unless you live outside the US, you will probably be most familiar with the buttermilk pancake and the French crepe....more

Rough to Exercise

I had my flip fitness exercise class tonite.Even though the weather kept some gals away, there were enough of us to keep moving for a while.It felt good to be able to do so, even though I was a little more pensive than I normally would have been. I found that the physical activity lets your mind work on a few things too!I walked into the class with the world on my shoulders, but when I left, the world wasn’t quite as heavy.Hold a good thought for yours truly .I could use them right now.Thanks....more