A Writer's Favorite Things: 15 Gifts for Writers

A Writer’s Favorite Things: 15 Gifts for Writers What does a writer like?...more

You Don't Need to Use Curse Words in Blog Posts

I don't care what you want to call it. It's idiotic. I hate reading a blog post with a bunch of f-bombs (or any curse words for that matter). It's like the author can't think of another way to express themselves so they lower their standards to speak as neanderthals. The story may be good but if the post contains a lot of profanity, I refuse to share it or like it, and it's highly doubtful I will come back to that blog ever again. ...more
Susan Mary Malone Thanks Susan! I am glad you understood where I was coming from :-)more

Who's really writing the story? The fiction you or the non fiction you..

Can writers have relationships too? Of course they can. We see many writers who maintain healthy relationships that have become lifelong commitments with an added value of experience as well as excitement because of their creative abilities. At the same time, the trials that the writers face in relationships seem to be much of the same across the board. Not so much with regard to their need to stay up late and write during the times that everyone else is asleep or the mental/physical spaces that they need to go to in order to focus on their next masterpiece....more

5 Creative Apps Writers Will Love

So you need to buy a gift for that special writer in your life (doesn't everyone have one?), but you know she already has all the common ones such as Editorial or Dictionary. What you really want to get her are apps that will support her craft and turn her into a better writer, but... well... you want something off the beaten path; things she may not have thought of before. Look no further than this gift guide. I've rounded up 5 apps you can gift to a writer as well as explain how they will help your friend hone her craft. (Feel free to buy these for yourself as well! Everyone needs a gift now and then.) ...more
kaseykakes Some are free. Or you can get the free version and try it before you get the paid ...more

The Thrill of Letting Go of Labels (and Growing a Better Life)

Sometimes, maybe a lot of the time, we are hypnotized at such a young age by the words others label us with that we forget it was all someone else’s idea. But it’s never too late to take that hard right turn and head straight into the path of wonder.Wonder is that space where curiosity is buoyed by optimism and great creations exist before they’re even fully realized. We can feel them and are certain we’re a part of something big and good and full of wonder even though the bigger pieces have not come fully into form yet.A little background is necessary first....more

Am I a Real Writer Now?

A writer is someone who writes. Period. Apart from spelling and grammar, there's no way to judge someone's writing as good or bad. Like any form of art, each person will experience it slightly differently.However, I recently found an article in which the author bemoans "bored stay-at-home moms, people who lost their jobs during the economic crisis, and people who no longer wanted their jobs decided[ing] to enter the freelance writing world."...more

Humourous Quotes About Writing

“The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress.” Philip Roth“The road to hell is paved with adverbs.” Stephen King“Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand.” George Orwell...more

Maya Angelou: The Closed Door That Isn't.

When my favourite writers die, after the initial sadness has subsided, I begin to think of it in terms of gain, not loss.Yes, they have died; they have left the physical world. They are no more, and yet they aren't.I read a quote earlier, supposedly by William Hazlitt:Words are the only things that last forever; they are more durable than the eternal hills....more

Write Your Story and Inspire the World

 The Joy of Mothering...more
See http://www.1billionlovestories.com/and the Credibility of our talented Corporate ...more

Our Voices As Women

Women were left out of the many initial phases of creating the framework for this country (and perhaps many others). The Constitution and Declaration of Independence were written completely without our input and by the time we were granted the right to vote we were only voting within a system that already dishonored us. This is similar to allowing blacks to vote on different laws within a slavery system. We were voting withing a system we did not agree with or approve of; one we never would have created! And over a century later we still are!...more