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Creative Careerists: Interview with Author Sarah A. Hoyt

Creative Careerists is an ongoing series on Creative Juicer that features short interviews with successful creatives to learn about their creative process and how they reached their success, whether in art or career.Do you know an inspiring creative? Nominate someone for an interview by emailing emily [dot] wenstrom [at] gmail [dot] com....more


Dr. Oz calls them N.U.T.S. They’re the “nagging, unfinished tasks” the nibble at the edge of our consciousness, interfere with our thought processes, and chisel away at our creativity. They’re the racing thoughts that keep us awake at night, and dog us throughout our busy day. Our thoughts scramble with endless to-do lists and we can’t focus on any one thing.Shrinks call them “intrusive thoughts,” and we’re all prone to them. I think that writers are especially vulnerable to NUTS because there is something intrinsically “unfinished” about the work of a novelist....more
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Woodstock & The Art of Resilience

The little town that could (Woodstock, NY) hosted a writers weekend incorporating a discussion on the art of resilience, doesn't this seem fitting! The charming panel read from some of their work, shared with humor and poignancy their creative tales on how they keep it all together (more often than not.) There were a few jewels that I thought spoke to the art of resilience, whether or not we are writers.  I think these make great journaling questions for anyone still doing their morning pages:...more

We, Too, Are Worthy

Every writer knows that getting the attention and respect of editors, publishers, agents, and readers can be hard. It take a lot of work, a lot of patience, and a lot of heart. But what about from the people you're close to? Your friends, people you work with, or even your own family? Sometimes those who should support us most look at us as if we're alien creatures when we say that we're writers and need private time, alone time, quiet time to gather all that silly wool we spin into words....more

Should creative writers opine on contentious issues?

Over the course of online involvement, I learned to discuss things of interest and importance to me, or things with impact upon my life.  The mix includes things good, and things bad, and I share a *cough* occasional opinion.No name mentioned here, but I recently visited an author’s blog, an author of many books, one well known to most regular novel readers out there.  One sentence in her words struck me as poignant.  Paraphrasing her words, she claimed it would be disastrous for an author to share an opinion on a religious or political topic. ...more
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Why Write

Good morning,...more

Thankful for all the great writers

Day 15, I am thankful for all of the wonderful writers in this world who inspire us, here is one of my favorites “Let us be Grateful, to the people who make us happy; They are the charming Gardeners who make our Souls Blossom. Author Marcel Proust ...more

Things of Note

They say that writers are supposed to notice things.  Currently I'm noticing that it is twenty-three minutes to midnight, and that unless I write something very fast I won't have a blog post for this day at all.  And for NaBloPoMo, that just won't do.So I thought I'd write about what I've noticed, today:...more