Shelley Hitz: Self Publishing Entrepreneur

  When I met Shelley Hitz on line I knew she was a "to share" person.  Her enthusiasm, her knowledge announced her presence.  My author's facebook page need a redo.  I attended a free webinar she conducted on the subject.  It's obvious that running her busy multi faceted business leaves her with the same work-life balance dilemma we all face.  So I asked her....more
Gael, thanks for sharing the interview with Shelley! Shelley, thanks for sharing your story with ...more

Publishing Tables Turned

“When the tables are turned, the situation has changed giving the advantage to the party who had previously been at a disadvantage.”        That is the meaning of the idiom “tables turned.” The meaning of recent new developments in the book publishing world, however, are slowly being interpreted by all of those affected. A lot of the practical implications haven’t dawned on us yet....more

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“For the supreme gift of ...more

Time's Running Out: Do Something Scary

Time waits for no one. In all the economies of life, time is the one thing we can't buy, persuade, bully, or earn. It's completely Democratic. Everyone gets the same number of minutes every day.How we spend our time distinguishes the kind of life we're going to have right now....more

Okay, you have inspired me to go forth and do some of the things that are in my head to try and ...more

Great Cause=Great Personal Opportunity

For the last three days, I've been hanging out at the Brenda Novak Cure for Diabetes Auction.  It's an annual event that helps those with diabetes AND helps writers.Helps writers?  How, you ask?  Many authors, editors and agents donate invaluable opportunities that you can take advantage of while also supporting a great cause.I found this one today:  <a href=";Auction_uid1=2078384">Critique of a Partial Manuscript by FOUR Published Authors</a>...more

Letter to a Lover

Dear Lover~ I read an article tonight in the Arts and Entertainment section on the Wall Street Journal’s website. The article was about the loss of artist’s—poets and all others—muses. The writer mentioned Zelda, Gala, Yoko, Gonne, Georgia, and Suzanne (Fitzgerald, Dali, Lennon, Yeats, Stieglitz, and Balanchine’s respectively). There were other famous muses that I remember reading about over the years, it also mentioned others that I had no knowledge of, my incomplete education, I assumed. The journalist only mentioned male writers, and their female muses!...more

Amy Tan Is Awesome, Honest and Totally Rockin'

Most people know Amy Tan best for her breakout novel, The Joy Luck Club. It's a pretty great book. But that is not why I think she's awesome. ...more

Okay, Amy Tan fans:

The mountain of books to the right of my bed is gargantuan. If I have ...more

A Month of Awesome Women: Pam Muñoz Ryan

I didn't see her as a Mexican-American writer. I didn't see her characters through the lens of race. I was drawn to the strength, flare, and honesty of her writing. I related to her characters even though I hadn't walked in their shoes, and I knew the children would, too. That is what makes a writer worth her weight in ink. ...more

What an inspirational post. :) Thank you for sharing the video and resources. I thought you'd be ...more

Lessons Learned from a First Year of Blogging

I set out to write a blog that was truly candid, but that meant taking risks with where my audience might draw lines, and as I said above, I only started giving a slightly smaller shit what people though t-- I didn't quit caring altogether. So one of the most freeing things I've learned is that, although I keep them in mind, my audience doesn't shape my writing -- I do. ...more

I too am coming up on my 1st year anniversary of blogging and found myself smiling and nodding ...more

The Birthday-less Years

Wow.  It’s been awhile.  I’ve been off trying to earn a living, parenting and figuring how not to get committed to an insane asylum before my hormones even out.  They do that, eventually, right?  Yesterday I kinda thought a nice stay in…wherever they put menopausal women without good health insurance…might be restful and, therefore welcome.  If the asylum has a jetted tub, it could even be, you know, preferable to where I’m staying now. But I digress.  What I really what to say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all you older moms of youn...more

National Novel Writing Month

Today marks the beginning of National Novel Writing Month. From Nov. 1 – Nov. 31, thousands of writers across the globe will do their utmost to get started/get finished/get further with their novels. This year, I am going to take part. My book is halfway done, and if I write 1,000 words every day in November, then I will finally have a finished first draft. Hallelujah....more

Thank you!

There are also people who use NaNoWriMo just as motivation to get some form of ...more