What's Yarn Got To Do With It?

Karen Ballum Haha!!  Neither is mine!  But I haven't given up yet!  :)more

Yarn Pumpkins & Mummies–An Easy Halloween Craft

Today is Budget Girl’s second anniversary! That really crept up on me. It’s also the beginning of October, so I’m going to share a really easy Halloween craft with you.A few years ago, I bought this Halloween bowl (?) at TJMaxx. I guess it’s supposed to be for candy? I’m not sure, but it was cute. I’ve spent the last two or three years trying to figure out what to do with it. This year, I came up with this idea....more

Loom-Knit Socks

Knitting looms make it easy to whip up socks or a hat in a day, but because you have limited options for your number of stitches and gauge, it can be difficult to use them for large projects....more

WIP Wednesday

Finished my Sunset With Lily scarf just in time! I love how it turned out. It has an awesome drape! Pardon my mismatched outfit. I was too excited to change tops! (And I want the Gold!)Here’s an artsy-fartsy pic without my face in it:...more

I Broke My Yarn

I've been experimenting more with some of my dyes that use Red #3 and this week I got really exciting results!   I've been trying to get some of my dyes to break, so that my yarn ended up variegated.  You might recall my failure to break ...more
@Six Strong Hands  It is really fun!  I just let it air dry. Food dyes aren't really sun-fast, ...more

Knit Picks Math

I'm still chugging away at blankie.  I have 11 1/2 squares to go, and then we get the fun of seaming (seriously, I think seaming is fun) and knitting on the border (I don't know yet whether I think that is fun).  In the meantime, though, today I have a lesson in Knit Picks math for you.  If you've ordered from Knit Picks before, this is likely to be a refresher....more

The Hexapox (Part II: Acquisitions)

So, as I mentioned, pretty much right after I caught the hexapox, I developed mini mania.  It started off innocently enough.  I saw a couple of cute little skeins of yarn in colors I really liked at the LYS and I thought I'd pick them up.  They weren't too expensive, and look how cute!...more

Off the Hook: Fingerless Gloves

Welcome to another Thrilling Thursday with The Blogger Connection Crafters!...more
Sounds like a good project.Perhaps I will try it for when days are warmer!more

HOW TO: Dye Your Yarn!

I got tired of not finding the color combos I wanted, so I dyed my own cotton yarn! It's super easy. Click here to see my tutorial! **...more

I'm Thankful for Painkillers & Yarn

As the temperature drops my pain increases.   I pop more pills, turn up some music, and keep busy to keep my mind off it.  Today is one of those days.  I’ve been going through a lot of yarn and pills....more