WIP Wednesday

Finished my Sunset With Lily scarf just in time! I love how it turned out. It has an awesome drape! Pardon my mismatched outfit. I was too excited to change tops! (And I want the Gold!)Here’s an artsy-fartsy pic without my face in it:...more

I Broke My Yarn

I've been experimenting more with some of my dyes that use Red #3 and this week I got really exciting results!   I've been trying to get some of my dyes to break, so that my yarn ended up variegated.  You might recall my failure to break ...more
@Six Strong Hands  It is really fun!  I just let it air dry. Food dyes aren't really sun-fast, ...more

Knit Picks Math

I'm still chugging away at blankie.  I have 11 1/2 squares to go, and then we get the fun of seaming (seriously, I think seaming is fun) and knitting on the border (I don't know yet whether I think that is fun).  In the meantime, though, today I have a lesson in Knit Picks math for you.  If you've ordered from Knit Picks before, this is likely to be a refresher....more

The Hexapox (Part II: Acquisitions)

So, as I mentioned, pretty much right after I caught the hexapox, I developed mini mania.  It started off innocently enough.  I saw a couple of cute little skeins of yarn in colors I really liked at the LYS and I thought I'd pick them up.  They weren't too expensive, and look how cute!...more

Off the Hook: Fingerless Gloves

Welcome to another Thrilling Thursday with The Blogger Connection Crafters!...more
Sounds like a good project.Perhaps I will try it for when days are warmer!more

HOW TO: Dye Your Yarn!

I got tired of not finding the color combos I wanted, so I dyed my own cotton yarn! It's super easy. Click here to see my tutorial! **...more

I'm Thankful for Painkillers & Yarn

As the temperature drops my pain increases.   I pop more pills, turn up some music, and keep busy to keep my mind off it.  Today is one of those days.  I’ve been going through a lot of yarn and pills....more

Keep calm and play with yarn!

Yarn in San Francisco

A trip isn't complete without a yarn shop visit.  This one was just a few blocks from my hotel - that could’ve been dangerous.  Luckily (for my budget), I found it when had a time limit, based on my conference schedule, but what a great little find....more

Thing-A-Day 2012 Day Ten: Loom-Knit Hat

Here is a hat I made on a 41 peg circular loom. It is very square. On my next one, I may "knit two together" when I'm casting off at the top, so that it tapers in a bit more than on this one...more