Get Jennifer Aniston's Body With Yogalosophy

Jennifer Aniston's fitness trainer and celebrity yoga instructor Mandy Ingber knows the reason: "Her body is a balance: very feminine, yet toned," she told People magazine....more

Meditation and daydreaming boosts future learning

A new study from The University of Texas at Austin has shown that daydreaming and resting the mind (which I somewhat equate with meditation) not only helps strengthening memories and their storage, but also improves future learning.The team had participants do two learning taskes that required memorization. One group of participants was free to rest and think about anything between taskes. Those who used the free time to reflect on what they had learned during the day performed better in tests the second time. ...more

Can a Toddler Learn Anything from Yoga Class?

My daughter Emma and I attended her first toddler yoga class last week. The class was pretty much what you would expect for a course designed for 1-3 year olds. We barked as we did our downward dogs and alternated between mooing and meowing during cat-cow. The moms sang a cute song with “OM” in the chorus. Emma pushed me off the mat and tried to imitate the poses. The toddlers stole water bottles from each other. I laid quietly during savasana while Emma ran around the room, screaming at the top of her lungs. ...more
DoTryThisAtHome thank you!  i think its great too and am optimistic that at least some of it is ...more

Tips for Starting and Maintaining a Home Yoga Practice

One question that I'm often asked is, "I love yoga but I want to be able to practice at home instead of going to a yoga studio all the time. What are some tips to start and maintain a home yoga practice?" It seems like a relatively simple thing to do, right? Just roll out your mat and start moving through yoga postures, right?But for many (myself included), keeping up with a home yoga practice can be difficult and challenging....more

6 Yoga Poses for Runners

With so much running in my life recently, my body has been craving time on my yoga mat. Yoga and running have been the constants in my life, and I love seeing how one complements the other. There are so many yoga poses that target the areas where runners need some love and care. Here are 6 yoga poses for runners, the latest edition in the Yoga for Runners series. Be sure to check out the other posts in this series! ...more
parkespeak Congrats on your marathon!!! That's a huge accomplishment!more

Chia Seeds, Savasana, and Kismet

A Wellness and Writing Retreat was just what the doctor ordered.  Nestled in a secluded valley of southern Idaho, twelve remarkable women gathered for the weekend to breathe in fresh mountain air, eat nutritious food, exercise, share personal stories, and to write.  It was nothing short of a rendezvous with fate.Read more...

Do You Have Trouble Getting Out of Bed? Try These 5 Tips.

Far too often when my alarm rings, I blink my eyes open, think to myself, "I don't want to get up," hit the snooze button and fall back to sleep. Anyone else? I am just not a morning person at all. I always want a couple of more hours....more
Wow..that's a nice tip..Perhaps I can try these things out when I have time. I hope it would ...more

3 Ways Yoga Makes Me a Better Employee

Recently, in becoming more intentional about the way I "look" not just on the outside but also on the inside I've started practicing various forms of yoga. I have been surprised at the short amount of time in which I've been able to experience the positive mental, physical, and emotional effects of yoga....more
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Hang on. This too shall pass.

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny – C.S. LewisPeople have been telling me for years that I should try yoga.  I resisted for years, assuming that what appeared to be flailing one’s arms in the air would not result in any meaningful exercise or stress reduction for me.  I was unable to follow the one yoga class I tried many years ago and wound up feeling even more inflexible, off balance and stressed than when I had begun.  I assumed yoga ‘just didn’t work for me’. ...more