Off Your Child's Mat... Mindfulness & Meditation!

This week, I introduced my youngest yoga students and their parents to the concept of Mindfulness.  Through the story, Mindful Monkey, Happy Panda -  by: Lauren Alderfer, we heard why it is important to live in the present moment, as that is where life is happening!  Our monkey minds however are always trying to pull us away from what we are doing and into another moment or place.  Panda taught monkey (and us), that when we are working we think about working, when we are reading we are thinking about reading, and so on....more

Off Your Mat... Wise Use of Energy or Brahmacharya

Recognizing and honoring the fluctuations of energy we experience in relation to the Moon, is accepting an invitation to live in a state of balanced energy, where we are more mindful of our natural cycles.  We can use a lunar calendar as a timeline for evolving projects and working more naturally with our body rhythms.  As we begin listening to the inner call from our spirits and bodies, we may begin to recognize more efficient and healthier ways to use our energy throughout the month....more

Swimming and Yoga for a Healthy Heart - Martec Lifecare Defibrillators

Cardiovascular health has been proven to dramatically improve when an individual undertakes aerobic activities. Your heart requires exercise and for the duration of the event, the heart will be pumping at an increased amount as blood flows around your body.  Therefore, your heart will get a great workout and be less likely to malfunction in the future....more

5 Brain Exercises That Reduces the Risk of Dementia

One of the biggest concerns as we advance in age is dementia. It heart-wrenching to see loved ones faced with the difficulty of memory loss and ignorance of who you are. Normally, people just sit and hope for the best. If only they know there are steps they can take to reduce the risk of dementia. Studies show that choosing a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy brain life as well could help reduce the risk of dementia....more

5 Ways Yoga Can Benefit Your Wellbeing

To understand what are the benefits of yoga, we must first look at what yoga is. Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning union, "to join", "to unite". With this reference, yoga is therefore the union of our mind, body and spirit. Yoga is not just exercises, that is actually a small part. The benefits of yoga can lead to profound changes in your whole life....more

Gifts for Meditation and Yoga

If you have somebody in your life who loves yoga. Here are some great gift ideas for you. Yogi's are not really known for their materialism, but there are some gifts that will be well appreciated to help them on their journey to peace, happiness and good balance.Read more from Gifts for Meditation and Yoga at Gifts Ready To Go...more

Yoga Instructor- Helper on the Threshold

There are all kinds of teachers, some pass on useful knowledge or information that allows us to live life more skillfully or competently or that is simply interesting or fascinating. But the traditional teacher of yoga has a different purpose: his or her goal is to awaken us from our everyday trance or semi-conscious state and set us free. Such a teacher is called guru (if male) or gurani (if female). This Sanskrit term means literally ‘weighty one’....more

Do- Anywhere Yoga Hacks to Calm the Anxious You

It is well established that anxiety is the base of stress, tension and discomfort. It is also a silent killer. Don’t fall prey to hypertension and elevated blood pressure, along with susceptibility to heart diseases and lifestyle disorders. Get your health in order, using these stress-relieving exercises to calm your senses and soothe your nerves....more

5 Tips for Practicing Ashtanga Yoga For Beginners

Ashtanga yoga could be a bit intimidating to those beginners of the said practice. There are numbers of individuals that are aiming to do yoga, particularly at home and by themselves, but they have no idea whether how to start the said practice. Ashtanga Yoga is becoming more and more popular wherein numbers of individuals want to do it. There could be numbers of benefits to experience in practicing yoga. It might include calming of the mind, promoting deep breathing, alleviating stress and helping in developing lean and long muscles....more

Taking a moment to catch my breath

I took yoga in college, and I loved it. I felt that it was a great way for me to relax my body and my mind in the middle of a hectic workload. I learned how to stretch out my body, how to move for both relaxation and for energy and how to breathe. It's funny how often I forget about that last part....more