Mindfulness for Kids

School has started, life is getting busy with homework and after school activities.  Everyone can get overwhelmed with their daily lives.  I came across this great routine for kids that was mentioned to me by my mother.   My kids love it.  It feels like a relaxing yoga routine. It introduces the basics of mindfulness to children and a playful way to guide them to become more present in their life.It calms them down and helps kids focus and fall asleep more easily.  It is a audio CD that has guided meditations. ...more

5 Yoga Positions for Perfect Posture

Travel Yoga: Flagstaff and Las Vegas

"Remember: You are your own fire keeper."- Rachel at The Yoga Experience, Flagstaff, AZA year or so ago I set a goal to start going to a new yoga studio each time I traveled. Sadly, I only sporadically kept this promise to myself and hadn't been living up to my full travel yoga potential until recently.There are so many great things about going to a yoga studio while traveling. Depending on the style of yoga, you will get at least some level of exercise. Whether it's a strenuous class or a class meant for relaxation, there are physical benefits that are certainly welcome with the change in routine that comes with travel.Every time I have gone to a yoga studio while traveling, I have been so glad I did. There is a serene ambiance at a yoga studio that you don't exactly get at the airport or the gas station.When I think back to the times I have gone to yoga studios while out of town, I can remember how the studios looked and, more importantly, how they made me feel. Each studio is fresh in my mind no matter how much time has passed.While I have missed out on travel yoga opportunities over the past year, I am happy to report that I got to attend yoga class in both Flagstaff, AZ and Las Vegas over the past few weeks during weekend getaways....more

Finding Compassion With Yoga + 60 Minute Playlist

There are four different paths in Yoga.  There is Gyan (Jnana) which is the path of knowledge.  Karma Yoga is the path of action.   Raja Yoga is known as the "Royal Path of Yoga".  Raja Yoga is based on self-discipline and is where most of the yoga poses, breathing and meditation practices that we are familiar with come from.  Bhakti Yoga is the path of love and devotion....more

Yoga in the Mountains & Black Diamond Shirt Review

I've done the math.  I live most of my life in an office, behind a desk.  Ugh, I really just said that out-loud.  That's a tough reality to face some days (today is one of them).  ...more

Yoga: It Just Seems to Click

I cannot be the only one...who has found themselves surprisingly enjoying something that didn't really click with them when they tried it before. I don't know if it is a change of environment, my dire need for some serious "me" time, or my extensive Mama patience, but I have recently found myself enamored by my new yoga practice. ...more

What's Up with My Shoulders?

I cannot be the only one...who has heard, "relax your shoulders," so many times during a yoga class that you have felt the need to check that it's not on a loop alongside the soothing chanting and wind chimes soundtrack, but rather it is in fact the instructor repeating it over and over. ...more

Mind IT!


Yoga for Road Trips

A Warm-Up Sequence for Back Bends