Sciatica + Yoga = Amazing

Lately, I've been having a lot of sciatica pain. For anyone who's had this, you know that what I'm talking about. It's pretty severe and hurts if you stand too long, walk too long, sit too long...basically anything. Last night I had finally had enough. I turned to my trusty iPad and Googled, stretches for lower back pain. I stumbled upon a great website and thought I'd just had to share!...more

DIY Yoga Cards

5 Yoga Poses to Make You Feel Sexy for Valentine's Day

Hot yoga isn't the only way to warm things up for Valentine's Day. Yoga at any temperature can heighten your senses and deeply intertwine your body and mind. A sexy body can be just 5 poses away. ...more
@annodle Mompreneurmogul RebelMouse Thank you.more

5 Easy Ways to Start Meditating

You've heard all about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, from reducing stress, anxiety, and pain to making us happier and smarter to warding off sickness. You've probably added it to your lengthy to-do list as something to try. In fact, one of your New Year's resolutions may even be to begin a daily meditation practice. After all, we all could benefit from a little bit more zen in our lives. But how do you meditate? ...more
GoodHealthGirl I've tried numerous times and I think that I tried to do too much all at once. ...more

Polga (Pole Fitness and Yoga) Awesomeness

In my quest to continuously try new fitness challenges, I tried a Polga class at Inversions, a local pole fitness center....more

Your ability to balance on one leg reflects your brain health

Can you balance on one leg for 20 seconds? Researchers now believe that your answer is a reflection of your brain health.In a study of 841 women and 546 men with an average age of 67 had them stand on one leg with both eyes open--twice. Their best score was recorded. After, their brains were examimed using MRIs to check for cerebral small vessel disease damage. The researchers also used questionnaires to measure cognitive impairment.So who had trouble balancing on one leg?34.5% of those who had more than two lacunar infarction lesions...more

Relax, it's yoga

Yoga is the perfect holiday de-stressor for me. I love it and go as often as I can. This week, class was fantastic - challenging, but restorative with new poses and variations on old favorites. When it was finished and we rolled into the final relaxation pose, my body felt like a noodle. A noodle that would probably be sore the next day, but still a noodle....more

Jennifer Aniston's yoga guru offers diet and fitness tips

How does Jennifer Aniston stay in such amazing shape? Say hello to her yoga teacher and celebrity trainer Mandy Ingber, author of "Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover (click for details)"....more

How to Practice Yoga at Home Over the Holidays

One question that I'm often asked is, "I love yoga but I want to be able to practice at home instead of going to a yoga studio all the time. What are some tips to start and maintain a home yoga practice?" It seems like a relatively simple thing to do, right? Just roll out your mat and start moving through yoga postures, right? But for many (myself included), keeping up with a home yoga practice can be difficult and challenging. ...more
Great tips, thank you! My yoga studio cuts out classes and closes for christmas break so these ...more